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With an excellent performance in a match full of twists and turns, Slovenia won their seventh consecutive match. Photo: Reuters


100 points takes the Slovenes to the Eurobasket semi-finals!

Their opponent in the semi-finals will be Spain
13. September 2017 ob 10:55
Istanbul - MMC RTV SLO

By defeating Latvia (103:97), the Slovene national basketball team has got through to the semi-finals for the second time in the European Championship’s history.

With an excellent performance in a match full of twists and turns, Slovenia won their seventh consecutive match. The Spanish, who, just like Igor Kokoškov's team, are undefeated at this years' European Championship, now await Slovenia.

Most responsible for Slovenia's success were Luka Dončić with 27 points (nine rebounds) and team captain Goran Dragić, who scored 26 points (eight assists). Also scoring double figures were Klemen Prepelič (17 points) and Anthony Randolph (16 points and nine rebounds).

By winning its seventh match in a row, Slovenia is now just one step away from winning a much anticipated medal. The last time they came close to winning a medal was at the 2009 Eurobasket in Poland. Then, Goran Dragić, Jaka Lakovič, Boštjan Nachbar, the Lorbek brothers and their teammates, led by coach Jure Zdovc, beat Croatia in the quarter-finals. But they were unlucky in the semi-finals against Serbia. Then, in the match for third place, Slovenia lost against Greece. However, Slovenia did manage to win five out of its six matches in the lead up to the 2009 quarter-finals.

Dolores Subotić, MMC; translated by A. L.; photo: EPA/Reuters
Goran Dragić
Goran Dragić
Goran Dragić
Luka Dončić
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