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Sestra Mara
Marija Vampelj, better known as Sister Mara, is the fifth oldest Slovenian woman. Foto: MMC RTV SLO


A 105-year-old nun who reads her prayers on a tablet computer

Despite her advanced age, Sister Mara is still perfectly sound of mind
19. October 2017 ob 21:33
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Marija Vampelj, better known as Sister Mara, is the fifth oldest Slovenian woman. This summer, she celebrated her 105th birthday, and received a tablet computer as a present.

For the past six years, Sister Mara has lived in the Capuchin Monastery of Breg near Celje. She is still full of life and optimism; she laughs readily and has a sharp mind. She attended a mission trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina when she was 85.

Sister Mara attends mass every day, and she still crochets and enjoys reading. Everyday prayer has been her lifelong thread; it has become even easier after she received a special gift for her 105th birthday: a tablet computer. "Yes, that was quite a surprise. I don't understand it completely, so I get help from my fellow sisters," she explains.

Six nuns live in the community of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady at Breg. Marija is the only Slovenian, and when they all come together for a joint lunch shortly after noon, Sister Mara is happy to join them in song.

A. P. J., Barbara Štor, TV Slovenia; translated by J. B.

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