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Chef's Table chose Ana Roš as one of the eight chefs featured in the second season of the show. Foto: STO/Nea Culpa


Ana Roš - personally

23. December 2016 ob 10:43
Kobarid - MMC RTV SLO

Ana Roš is a master chef who has undoubtedly left the biggest mark in 2016. The creators of the extremely popular U.S. cooking series Chef's Table chose Ana Roš as one of the eight chefs featured in the second season of the show. The series led to a surge in guest numbers at her restaurant - the majority of them Americans - and has fortified her status as an international culinary star.

This year was extraordinary for me, as I proved to myself that I can accomplish things even when I’m not sure if my body and soul can go through so much effort. It was a work year.

My life motto ... I seem to have lost it somewhere along the way.

This year I read the least number of books in the last couple of years. On countless nights I fell asleep with the lights turned on and a book in my lap. In any case The Book Thief is my book of the year.

I search for inspiration for my work in nature.

The most incredible place I visited this year ... I travel so much, that the most incredible place for me remains to be Hiša Franko and Kobarid. Especially on a nice sunny day.

My favourite application is sleeping.

The last concert I went to was the one of frogs in the Kobarid mud.

In my free time I like to sleep, walk, jog, play volleyball and especially cook and eat.

I’m looking forward to 2017 as a new year.

Kaja Sajovic, MMC; translated by K. J.
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