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On Tuesday morning, Andrej Kapla caught a female bear with a cub on his camera as they were crossing a meadow near Notranje Gorice. Foto: Reuters


Bears roaming the Ljubljana Moors

A female bear with two cubs spotted in the vicinity of Notranje Gorice
12. July 2018 ob 13:05
Vnanje Gorice - MMC RTV SLO

Two female bears with cubs and a male bear live in the area between Vnanje Gorice and the shelter in Gmajnice. Meeting bears there is not unusual and game wardens stress that the animals are not dangerous if people behave correctly.

On Tuesday morning, Andrej Kapla caught a female bear with a cub on his camera as they were crossing a meadow near Notranje Gorice. Kapla published the photos on Facebook, accompanied by a text saying "this was not my first encounter, and also not my closest encounter, but it was the most beautiful one."

Meeting a female bear with cubs is not unusual, says Andrej Lukanovič, a game warden and secretary of Hunting Club Brezovica. Near Notranje Gorice, there are currently a female bear with one cub, a female with two cubs and a larger male bear has also been spotted over the last few days. Lukanovič stressed that the animals are not too close to local houses, for this area is the bear's habitat.

There is a popular cycle track alongside the road connecting Ljubljana and Vnanje Gorice and Lukanovič advises people walking and sporting in the southern section of the Ljubljana Moors to respect the advice upon meeting a bear. Owners should have their dogs on a leash, to prevent the dogs running at bear cubs, and they should not pursue adult bears or cubs in the hope of getting photos.

The Hunting Club is not authorised to make any measures such as the removal of an animal from the environment. The Slovenian Forest Service is responsible for this. But Lukanovič says that the current situation need not be of concern to us and does not require such measures.

G. C., MMC; translated by A. L.
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