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Across Slovenia, more than a thousand citizens took part in clean-up actions on Saturday. Foto: BoBo


Divers clean rivers, volunteers do clean-up at salt pans

Town of Trbovlje urges its citizens to collect waste
19. March 2017 ob 08:47
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Numerous volunteers traditionally take part in clean up-actions in the local environment. The first to get to work this year have been divers, who cleaned the Drava and Krka rivers, as well as volunteers in Trbovlje and Sečovlje.

The Maribor Diving Society has organised the 25th edition of an environmental action called Drava 2017 – We care!. The day started with a gathering of the divers by the water tower at Lent on the bank of the Drava in Maribor. Next, the participants set off for an environmental walk and a clean-up action from Koblar’s Bay to the water tower, which was organised by Maribor Tourism Society.

Goal: each citizen to pick up one bag of litter
The municipality of Trbovlje also decided for some spring cleaning. The locals were given all necessary equipment before dispersing across the municipality to cover areas that are most polluted with litter. The goal of the action was for each citizen to pick a bagful of litter, explained a municipality representative, adding that last year more than 1,500 responded to the initiative and collected a total of almost 50 cubic metres of waste.

The Sečovlje Salt Pans regional park has also organised their traditional cleaning action called Let’s clean up the salt pans, which focuses on collecting litter brought in by the wind, water and, sadly, also people in the past year.

Across Slovenia, more than a thousand citizens took part in clean-up actions on Saturday.

T. K. B., G. K.; translated by K. Z.

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