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Emina Ekić
Emina said she will be gunning for the Miss Universe title in Las Vegas. Foto: Miss Universe Organizacija


Emina Ekić, who also holds Australian citizenship, crowned Miss Universe Slovenia

Miss Universe 2017 pageant to be held in Las Vegas on November 26
9. October 2017 ob 22:17
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

At Satudray’s Miss Universe Slovenia pageant it was Emina Ekić, a 22-year-old Ptuj native, who walked away with the crown.

The pageant, which featured 12 contestants, took place at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Emina Ekić, who lived in Australia until recently, was crowned Miss Universe Slovenia by outgoing titleholder Lucija Potočnik. 22-year-old Ariela Mandelc was named first runner-up, while 19-year-old Vanessa Preložnik came in second runner-up.

"I can’t believe I’m the new Miss Universe Slovenia. It’s unreal, but the feeling is great! I’d like to thank everyone who cheered for me. Thank you for your support, and I wish all the other girls the best of luck. We’ve worked really hard, but it was worth it. I’m so incredibly grateful," Ekić wrote on Facebook.

Moved back to Slovenia because the people are so nice
Emina wrote on the Miss Universe Slovenia website that she decided to move to Australia when she was 16 because the Australian school system was said to be one of the best and because she wanted a better future for herself. She travelled the world and visited a number of locations, and she was also granted Australian citizenship. "But after six years of living in Australia I decided to move back to Slovenia because the country is so beautiful and the people are nicer than anywhere else in the world," wrote Emina, who earned a degree in tourism in Melbourne.

In her spare time, she likes to play basketball, read books, and go for walks. She entered the pageant out of curiosity and because she loves fashion, but also because she wanted to try new things and meet new people.

The 66th edition of the Miss Universe pageant will be held in Las Vegas on November 26. The event will be hosted by Steve Harvey.

A. P. J.; translated by D. V.
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