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ERICo from Velenje, the laboratory for environment testing employing 45 people, has been taken over by the multinational firm EUROFINS Scientific. Photo: MMC RTV SLO


ERICo Velenje taken over by multinational firm Eurofins

Opportunity for the company
13. July 2017 ob 11:30
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

ERICo from Velenje, the laboratory for environment testing employing 45 people, has been taken over by the multinational firm EUROFINS Scientific. The purchase price remains a business secret.

Eurofins is a megalomaniac company with the headquarters in Luxemburg employing 28,000 staff in over 300 laboratories across 39 countries, expanding to the Balkans markets by acquiring ERICo.

The takeover by a foreign company makes ERICo the single foreign independent laboratory for environment testing in the country, the director Marko Mavec emphasizes. ERICo, founded years ago because of the degraded Šaleška valley by Premogovnik Velenje and Termoelektrarna Šoštanj, with Gorenje acquiring the largest share at a later date, 10 years ago did half of its business with TEŠ. Today, only 15% of their turnover is tied to TEŠ. When the environmental sanitation of the Savinjsko-Šaleška valley was completed, they had to look for their opportunities at the market.

They have great expectations of their new owner. "It is a great opportunity for selling our services to the western markets," director Mavec explained. Eurofins deals with testing environmental products, food, agriculture. "We perform cannabinoids testing, which makes us unique in the Eurofins group," he explained.

The takeover was almost prevented by the strike the employees had announced, after warning for years of the problems within the company. The request for higher salaries was in the forefront, but in truth the complaints were supposedly directed to inside communication, and extreme internal supervision within the company.

"They have chosen the crucial moment for the company, and made pressure in order to gain huge advantages. Even before the agreement the gross salary was € 1,770."

It should be mentioned that it is a small company, where the director's high salary influences the average amount. The employees are welcoming Eurofins. "We envision a great opportunity for our company, for its field of operation, and for each individual," Klemen Kotnik, the representative of the works council explained.

The proceeds of the majority owner Gorenje for the sale of ERICo remains a business secret.

Vesna Deržek, TV Slovenija; translated by G. K.

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