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The first hotel guests will be welcomed during the December holidays. Foto: Hotel Konjice


First dispersed hotel in Slovenia opens in Slovenske Konjice

An invitation to other local providers of accommodation for cooperation
18. December 2017 ob 11:28
Slovenske Konjice - MMC RTV SLO

The first so-called dispersed hotel in Slovenia has opened in Slovenske Konjice. It offers six double bedrooms in the renovated Trebnik Mansion and another five rooms in the nearby Dravinja Ranch.

The first hotel guests will be welcomed during the December holidays. The plan is for the number of rooms to be increased.

The hotel's manager, Jolanda Ivanuša, says two additional rooms of a higher standard are currently being adapted in Trebnik. The plan is to attract even more providers of accommodation and owners of real estate which can be adapted to tourist accommodation facilities to join the project. The wish is to secure at least 50 beds which the Slovenske Konjice and Vitanje areas, with the exception of Zreče, lack.

The hotel’s operators aim to attract the best local tourist program and service providers to join the project and thus provide guests with a single entry point. "Our motive is to change the old core of the town into a town hotel, in which the old streets of the old town will serve as hallways and its restaurants as the hotel's culinary offer," adds Ivanuša.

K. S., MMC; translated by K. J.
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