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Representatives of the Slovenian government visited the Istria region meeting locals along the border with Croatia and fishermen from the area Foto: MMC RTV SLO


Five Slovenian families, on the Croatian side of the border, wish to move to Slovenia

14. December 2017 ob 12:15

Representatives of the Slovenian government visited the Istria region meeting locals along the border with Croatia and fishermen from the area. The locals and fishermen were presented with the rights they would have once the border arbitration ruling is implemented. Most of the locals were pleased with the proposals. Local representatives from Sečovlje said they got ‘what belongs to us'.

On the other hand, fishermen were bothered with the implementation of an agreement envisaged in the amendments to the Marine Fisheries Act. 60 fishermen will be entitled to compensation for any damage caused to their vessels and equipment. They will also be financially compensated for commercial fishing losses. Altogether, in around two years, they are to receive over half a million euros.

In line with the arbitration ruling, Croatian fishermen will be able to fish in all of Slovenia’s territorial sea, while Slovenian fishermen will be able to fish in Croatian waters all the way down to the Lim Bay.

On the left banks of the Dragonja River there are five Slovenian families who have expressed a wish to move to Slovenia. Every four-member family will receive a financial assistance of around one hundred thousands euros. Farmers will get a land lease agreement for 30 years, which will not be hereditary.

Slovenia is still committed to dialogue with Croatia, stressed the Government Secretary General Lilijana Kozlovič. The government wishes that Croatia’s PM accepts the invitation of PM Cerar in naming a joint bilateral commission for the implementation of the border arbitration ruling.

Milena Hrovat, Lea Širok, Radio Slovenija; translated by K. J.
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