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Lendava residents demand immediate closure of biogas plant. Photo: Jernej Vöröš, TV Slovenija


Lendava residents demand immediate closure of biogas plant

14. July 2017 ob 11:01
Lendava - MMC RTV SLO

Due to the unbearable stench, spreading from Lendava’s biogas plant, local residents are losing their patience. The manager of the plant, the Ekos company, was given a deadline until Thursday to deal with the stench. But the bad smell is still there.

Lendava’s municipal council has unanimously backed a civil initiative for the immediate closure of the local biogas plant. An unbearable smell has been spreading from the plant.

Municipal councilors also demand a revision of the plant’s environmental license. The final straw was the bad smell spreading from animal waste, stored in the yard of the biogas plant in the past month.

"If the violations were only on paper, we wouldn’t be complaining so much. But their violations now affect the health of citizens," says Nikolina Palnec from the "Proti smradu" ("Against the Stench") civil initiative. Around 300 people gathered for a protest on Thursday demanding the closure of the biogas plant.

"The Municipality of Lendava fully supports the activities of the civil initiative and local population in resolving this issue," said Aleš Kozar from the mayor’s office. "We call on the state inspection services to be more resolute, as our local inspectorate cannot do much," explained the Mayor of Lendava, Anton Balažek.

Lidija Kosi, Radio Slovenija; translated by K. J.