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Maja Zupan
The 27th Miss Slovenia admitted that she wouldn't have signed up for the competition had it been a run-of-the-mill beauty contest. Foto: Sandi Fišer


Maja Zupan: crowned the most beautiful woman in Slovenia

The 67th annual Miss World Contest will take place on November 18 in China
11. September 2017 ob 21:09
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Maja Zupan, a student at the Veterinary High School of the Biotechnical Vocational Center in Ljubljana, has succeeded her namesake Maja Taradi, who happens to be her role model, on the Miss Slovenia throne.

"The feeling when you hear your name called is amazing. It's indescribable. I'm aware of all the responsibility the title carries, but I'm overjoyed. The work can be interesting, varied and, most of all, humanitarian, which really pleases me," Zupan told MMC shortly after her victory.

An organizational step forward
This year's Miss Slovenia Contest has moved from a spot in the outskirts of Ljubljana to a much more suitable auditorium at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center. Not all seats were filled, but the lineup was enhanced compared to previous years and it bore a close resemblance to the golden era of Miss Slovenia Contests, when Maja Cotič won the contest, organizers have tried to bring the event closer to the people.

The New Miss Slovenia: An Emphasis on Entrepreneurship
The 27th Miss Slovenia admitted that she wouldn't have signed up for the competition had it been a run-of-the-mill beauty contest. "Jelka Verk, who owns the Slovenian license for the competition, convinced me that this project focuses on content and that the competitors provide that content. The project encourages us to develop our entrepreneurial skills and various other fields." Zupan says that she is persistent and when she sets a goal, she does everything to reach it. "Perhaps I don't follow the imagined path, but I always reach the goal. I'm also kindhearted. Maybe my personality seems cold at first, but when people begin to talk to me, they can feel the warmth," added Zupan,

Zupan acknowledges that the walk on the stage is the least significant part of the battle for the crown and the sash. "I focused on myself during the competition: just thinking about various things. I became more self-confident and started to believe that I could pursue an entrepreneurial career in the future. This wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement of my team," emphasized Zupan.

Committed to Folklore
The 17-year-old Slovenian representative is an athlete. Zupan has played basketball, soccer, and handball, and has been a horseback rider and a violin player. She has also been a dancer since she was a little girl. At first, she switched several dance genres, but later settled on folklore, which she has been practicing for six years. At the 67th Annual Miss World Contest, which is returning to Sanya, China, she will represent the beauty of Slovenia's natural and cultural heritage. Since considerable emphasis in the selection process had been on the promotion of Slovenian goods and ideas, we asked the new Miss Slovenia how she plans to represent her country on the Miss World stage: "I'd describe Slovenia in a way that is still unfamiliar to most people: as a small country full of innovative ideas – and people with plenty of ideas that many haven't yet realized," responded Zupan.

You can see more from the Miss Slovenia Contest in the gallery below.

Klavdija Kopina Translated by J. B.
Maja Zupan
Lana Krajnc, Maja Zupan in Patricija Finster
Lana Krajnc
Katja Gabrovec
Tina Mede
Ariana Hodžić
Patricija Finster
Maja Zupan
Monika Pfajfar
Lara Stenovec
Elmedina Berish
Katarina Rondič
Nina Dolić
Špela Budič
Laura Katarina Jularić
Sergeja Kržan
Nina Rems
Maja Zupan (mis osebnosti)
Nina Dolić (mis fotogeničnosti)
Žan Serčič in Leja Zupan Debelak
Janja, plesalci Jay Dance in člani društva Sonček
Strokovna žirija
Nina Osenar
Miha Brajnik in Nina Osenar
Sašo Gačnik - Svarogov
Nuška Drašček
Maja Zupan in Maja Taradi
Maja Zupan in Maja Taradi
Maja Zupan
Maja Zupan
Lana Krajnc, Maja Zupan in Patricija Finster
Patricija Finster
Maja Zupan
Lana Krajnc
Lana Krajnc, Maja Zupan in Patricija Finster
Maja Zupan
Lana Krajnc
Rado Mulej in Zlatko
Maja Zupan in Jelka Verk
Dragan Bulič in Maja Zupan
Maja Taradi v spremstvu
Andraž Hribar in Sašo Gačnik - Svarogov
Sabina Mali in Rado Mulej
Sabina Mali
Nuška Drašček
Maja Zupan
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