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River Mura
The March for the Mura River has been organised by the Trate Museum of Madness, which represents public interest in preserving cultural heritage. Foto: BoBo


March for the Mura and unspoiled nature: opposing the construction of hydroelectric power plants

Projects harmful to nature?
7. January 2018 ob 09:28
Murska Sobota - MMC RTV SLO

Participants of the March for the Mura River, who gathered at the Cmurek/Mureck Bridge near Trate and walked to Sladki Vrh, have appealed to the Slovenian government not to support projects harmful to nature, such as constructing hydroelectric power plants, and have made a stand for the unspoiled Mura River.

The March for the Mura River has been organised by the Trate Museum of Madness, which represents public interest in preserving cultural heritage, and is also a party of interest in the procedure for a comprehensive estimate regarding the environmental impact of the planned Hrastje-Mota hydroelectric power plant. The director of the museum, Sonja Bezjak, explains that the opposition to the construction of power plants on the Mura dates 33 years back, adding that the government has a duty to hear the local communities out and support them in building strategies for a sustainable development of tourism and agriculture, which will bring new jobs to this malnourished and forgotten region, instead of demolishing the last remaining opportunities for development hidden in natural and cultural heritage.

"We, the people, are those who are constructing our own future! We are against outdated, megalomaniac and ruinous projects! We're for alternative solutions, those that are eco and human friendly," emphasizes Bezjak. 400 representatives of the civil society, non-governmental organisations, locals and mayors from Slovenia and Austria have gathered at the March and were also visited by Igor Šoltes, the Slovenian MEP of the European Green Party, while the Slovenian minister of agriculture, forestry and food Dejan Židan had sent a letter of support.

G. K., MMC; translated by K. Z.
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