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The Maribor Administrative Unit said that banning the concert seemed justified after the police determined that the event could pose a security risk. Photo: MMC RTV SLO


Maribor bans Thompson concert, organizer to appeal

Maribor bans concert by Croatian nationalist musician Thompson
17. May 2017 ob 21:15

The Maribor Administrative Unit has banned an upcoming concert by Croatian singer Marko Perković – Thompson, citing security concerns. The singer said he would appeal the decision.

The aggrieved party has three days to appeal the decision. Milan Trol, the organizer of the concert, has already announced an appeal. The appeal will be considered by the Interior Ministry within three days of receipt. The organizer and the singer, meanwhile, have dismissed all the claims made against them.

Ksenija Klampfer, the head of the Maribor Administrative Unit, said that banning the concert seemed justified after the police determined that the event could pose a security risk. The police argued that many of Thompson’s fans are radicals, and that the concert would be attended by people from countries where his concerts had been banned. Therefore, the police believe that these fans could “come in to commit criminal acts”. Moreover, opponents of the concert have announced plans to picket the concert, and the police believe that this would only increase the security risk.

The organizer of the concert could not be reached for comment. However, he remains adamant that the concert is just a music event. Stojan Auer, the owner of the concert venue, meanwhile said that the ban violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

A. K. K., Al. Ma.; translated by D. V.

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