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Slovenian strong support from the stands. Foto: BoBo/Borut Živulović


Photo and Video: When the hearts of fans beat stronger than the hearts of players

The atmosphere in the stands at the UEFA Futsal Championship
5. February 2018 ob 11:06
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The Stožice Arena is home to many sports enthusiasts these days, all crossing fingers for their teams at the 11th UEFA Futsal Championship. And while doing it, they're also having lots of fun.

Ljubljana's Stožice Arena is hosting all of the 20 matches at the indoor football European championship, which will run until the 10th of February. The tournament started with an opening ceremony, in which the Tosca Beat band played a song called Let's get going (Masters of Skills), especially written for the championship. Present at the opening ceremony were a number of distinguished guests, among them UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, and former football stars Luis Figo from Portugal and Dejan Stanković from Serbia.

However, more than the opening itself, it's the Slovenian futsal team that's been grabbing all the attention. The team already accomplished its primary goal, and would now like to take another step forward by beating the European and World vice-champions Russia on Monday. The Slovenian team will once again count on the help of a strong support from the stands.

And the atmosphere in the stands is anything but dull. You can find out what happens at half-time and what Trigi the mascot does in the video below.

K. K., MMC; photo: Borut Živulović/BoBo; translated by K. J.
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