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Maturantska parada
The streets were coloured in orange and black. Photo: BoBo


Photo: High school seniors take to the streets to dance the quadrille

Seniors bid their high school days goodbye
19. May 2017 ob 22:40
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

At high noon on Friday, around 30,000 high school seniors in 75 towns in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina danced to Die Fledermaus (The Bat), an operetta written by Johann Strauss II.

In Slovenia, the towns of Ljubljana, Maribor, Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica, Kranj, Slovenske Konjice, and Kamnik joined in on the fun. Over the past few years, these traditional parades have set nine world records for the greatest number of people performing a quadrille simultaneously in different towns. Since 2001, more than 300,000 high school seniors in more than 10 countries have performed the quadrille at these events.

Dispute finally resolved
Due to a quarrel between two dance schools, Urška Pro and the Dance Association of Slovenia, two separate mass quadrille dances have been organized over the past few years. However, this year the two dance schools finally buried the hatchet.

“After 11 years, Slovenia is again united under one brand,” Mateja Hočevar Prokofjev of Urška Pro told Radio Slovenia. The seniors were also greeted by President Borut Pahor, who waxed poetic at times: “This day aspires to be as wonderful as you are. Fortune favours the bold.” He then wished them a lot of fun.

A party without drugs and alcohol
The National Public Health Institute (NIJZ) called on high school seniors to abstain from drugs and alcohol. This sentiment was echoed by the Ministry of Health, the police, and various NGOs. The National Public Health Institute said in a press release that “high school seniors across Slovenia should blow a 0.00 on a breathalyzer” and organized a prize competition for them.

A. P. J., translated by D. V.; photo: BoBo