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Peter Prevc being a role model for the young arrived in Nova Gorica wearing a blue police uniform. Foto: David Verlič


Photo: Peter Prevc - The man in blue

The world ski jumping champion took part in a prevention campaign as a policeman
5. May 2016 ob 11:40
Nova Gorica - MMC RTV SLO

A prevention campaign entitled “Speed and its consequences in traffic accidents” was organized in Nova Gorica by the police in cooperation with the city council for prevention and education in traffic, firefighters and emergency workers. The campaign mainly focused on young drivers. Peter Prevc, this time as a man in blue, was also among those telling the young how to be safe on the road.

There was great interest for the event in the packed Bevkov Square in Nova Gorica, mostly because of the presence of the best ski jumper and ski flyer in the world, Peter Prevc, who is also employed at the Police Academy Top Athletes Section of the General Police Directorate. Being a role model for the young he arrived in Nova Gorica wearing a blue police uniform. Upon his arrival the young quickly surrounded him, begged for autographs, took photos... Their answer to our question of what they thought of their role model in a police uniform was: "Oh, he’s completely normal ..." Peter Prevc is also a completely normal driver on the road. Sometimes he has a heavy foot on the gas. Actually, he used to ...

"I’ve collected my share of loyalty points"
Talking to sports journalist Ervin Čurlič, Peter Prevc told the thousands gathered at the Nova Gorica square that he too was caught speeding on several occasions: "Yes, unfortunately it is true that I have collected a few 'loyalty points'. Once I was speeding on the highway… Then again I was once stopped by the police in the night because I was driving too fast through a settlement. Of course I had to pay the speeding tickets and I then thought over about the way I drove." Later Peter Prevc confirmed that he no longer speeds and that he now follows all traffic regulation: "Maybe I’m getting older and have become a completely calm driver."

Prevc’s advice to all the young drivers is to be careful, be respectful of others, and not to overestimate themselves or their steel horses on two or four wheels.

Mojca Dumančič, Televizija Slovenija, photo: David Verlič, Ervin Čurlič; translated by K. J.
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc
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