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The local traffic will be redirected to the regional road through Rebernice. Photo: BoBo


Several weeks long roadblock on Vipava highway

Traffic will be redirected to Fernetiči
14. September 2018 ob 20:08
Vipava - MMC RTV SLO

Due to the repairs and removal of the Nanos tollhouse, the Vipava highway will be alternatively closed. Firstly, from Sunday evening between Vipava and Razdrto towards Ljubljana, and after three weeks, there is going to be a two-week roadblock in the opposite direction.

During this period, Dars will redirect the traffic from Italia towards Sežana and Fernetiči, and the local traffic will be redirected to the regional road through Rebernice. The locals from Podnanos are already afraid of the heavy traffic.

The head of the removal and regulation project of the Nanos tollhouse Uroš Selan guarantees: “The local traffic will be redirected to the old Rebernice, and the entire truck traffic through Sežana and Fernetiči.”

Despite promises and numerous reports on the complete reconstruction of the Rebernice region, it continues to be in a very poor condition. They could start with its renewal the next summer, however, money is not the problem. The land is, explained Tomaž Willenpart from the Slovenian Infrastructure Directorate. The entire renovation is estimated at six million euros.

Valter Pregelj, Radio Slovenija; translated by K. Sm.
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