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Slovenia and Hungary win bid to host Under-21 European Championship

The first game will take place in Slovenia, the final in Hungary
3. December 2018 ob 19:21
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Slovenia and Hungary will be the joint hosts of the European Under-21 UEFA Championship. The announcement came at the meeting of the UEFA Governing Board in Dublin.

Slovenia and Hungary, whose teams both now automatically qualify for the event, were the only candidate countries.
"The winning bid for the U-21 Euro is a recognition of the Slovenian and the Hungarian football associations and is the result of a transparent, well-prepared bid, as well as organizational successes in the past. This is a considerable challenge for two relatively small associations, but we Slovenians have proved in the past that we can organize similar events. UEFA, which still remembers this year’s European Futsal Championship, has taken note of this,” wrote the Slovenian Football Association (NZS) President Radenko Mijatović.

He added that the U-21 Euro is the largest soccer championship that Slovenia can host. “I'm confident that we will take advantage of our experience and once again prove that we excel in this field,” added the head of the NZS.

This will be Slovenia’s largest soccer tournament ever. In 2012, the country hosted the Under-21 championship, and among numerous other events, it also organized this year's European Futsal Championship. Next year's European Championship will take place in Italy and San Marino.

The football associations of Hungary and Slovenia agreed on a joint bid in 2017, with Slovenia submitting Ljubljana, Maribor, and Celje as the host cities. The first game of the championship will take place in Slovenia, while the final will be hosted by Hungary. Slovenia will host 10 games; four in Maribor, three in Ljubljana, and three in Celje.

Gregor Valenčič
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