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The Mysteries of Slovenia’s Gunpowder Factory Tourists who travel from Kamnik to the Kamniška Bistrica Valley are often intrigued by a large complex of walled-in, largely abandoned buildings.
A Man of Many Passions Even though he didn’t live during the Renaissance, Valentin Stanič was a true Renaissance Man.
The Manor that Inspired a Literary Classic The Tavčar Manor, just a short drive from Škofja Loka, is a popular tourist spot, known both for its architecture and its scenic surroundings.
A Legendary Slovenian Dynasty Slovenian history is rich with remarkable individuals, many of whom made lasting contributions in the fields of medicine, music, and politics.
The Mountain of No Return These days, Rombon is best known as a towering mountain overlooking the resort town of Bovec. It’s a popular hiking destination and a common subject of photographs.
A Touch of Venetian Glory For years, the town of Koper on the Slovenian coast had been known mostly for its port, one of the largest on the Adriatic, but in recent years, it has emerged as an increasingly popular tourist ...
The Bishops’ Castle The ancient Slovenian town of Škofja Loka is renowned for its graceful beauty. Even its location, nestled beneath verdant hills, gives it a timeless feel.
Capturing the Colors of Bolivia An artist named Ejti Štih has achieved widespread fame for her paintings of ordinary people from Latin America and is one of Bolivia’s foremost artists.
A Daughter of the Rising Sun In the 1920s and 30s, an era before instantaneous global communication and jet travel, the people of Ljubljana were frequently startled by the sight of a Japanese woman walking around the capital in ...
A Generous Donation The town of Kamnik is best known for its medieval old town and for the mountains that surround it.
A House of Bees Slovenia prides itself as a country of bees and beekeepers. In fact, the UN recently declared the first International Day of Bees on Slovenia’s initiative.
The Enduring Power of Books Mohorjeva Družba – the Hermagoras Society, named for the first Bishop of Aquileia – is not just an ordinary publishing company.
The Remarkable Legacy of a Doctor from a Distant Land At the start of World War II, Slovenia was divided up by the invading Axis powers and the Slovenian nation seemed destined to extinction.
A Deal with the Devil In a wooded area not far from the famed Lake Bohinj, on the edge of the Triglav National Park, visitors may stumble on a small stone bridge with a surprisingly interesting history.
A Palace of Culture and Science Rudolfinum, a neo-Renaissance palace in the heart of Ljubljana, was intended to symbolize the Slovenian people’s bond with Austria.
A Mansion Built for Royalty The Vipava Valley, hemmed in by the Karst plateau on one side and mountains on the other is known for fruit, wine, Mediterranean landscapes, and a lifestyle shaped by fierce Bora winds.
Promoting the Slovenian Language The 19th century was a vibrant era for Slovenian intellectuals.
Ancient Stories from a Remote Valley The remote valley of Rezija, a Slovenian-speaking area of northeastern Italy, is mysterious even to most Slovenians.
Capturing the Mountains on Film For the Slovenian people, mountains have long been a source of pride and national identity.
A Slovenian in Paris The City of Light has long attracted some of the world’s most creative talent.
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