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A Residence of the Elites It was once among Ljubljana’s most prestigious homes, and several years ago, Villa Podrožnik almost became the official residence of the Slovenian President.
A Man Driven by a Thirst for Knowledge A true polymath, Balthasar Hacquet was fascinated by almost all scientific endeavors.
Slovenian Ice in the Desert Because of Egypt’s hot climate, ice has long been one of the most treasured resources in that desert country.
A Legacy in Glass Coal deposits in the Posavje region near Hrastnik gave rise to the area’s heavy industry, but they were also responsible for the rise of a craft that was passed down from generation to generation – ...
Slovenia’s Own Cannery Row The people in the small town of Izola, on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, have always relied on the sea for their livelihood.
The Loss of a Historic Building For generations, a building known as Kolizej dominated a large part of central Ljubljana.
A Timeless TV Set from Slovenia With its limited competition and bureaucratic state-run enterprises, the Communist era was not generally known for the quality of its design.
A Saint Revered by Two Countries Saint Hema, sometimes described as Slovenia’s first saint, was a noblewoman from the hill country of eastern Slovenia.
From Darkness into Light One April evening in 1883 was unlike any prior evening in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city.
A Tradition of Urban Hospitality Ljubljana’s old inns – known as gostilne in Slovenian – have a long tradition as gathering places for all social classes.
Slovenia’s Shooting Star Basketball is one of Slovenia’s most popular sports. Every year, thousands of fans root for the national team or, more recently, for Slovenian players in the NBA.
Saving Lives Deep in the Woods When Slovenia was invaded and occupied during World War II, members of the resistance set up several clandestine field hospitals in remote locations.
A Philosopher of the Heights Klement Jug was not a particularly prolific writer, yet his impact on both the culture and the politics in Slovenia is indelible.
A Controversial Co-Founder of Yugoslavia Anton Korošec, a priest-turned-politician, was one of the key people behind the Slovenian people’s struggle for autonomy in the 20th
Celebrating A Legacy of Saving Lives Slovenia has a proud tradition of both volunteer and professional firefighters’ organizations. Thanks to the commitment of one man, a small museum chronicles that firefighting heritage.
An Unlikely Marathon Man Slovenians have a passion for extreme sports; in recent years, many athletes have even set records by tackling ambitious feats of endurance.
Bridging the Centuries The bridge in the town of Kanal is a common site on brochures and websites promoting the beauties of the Soča River Valley.
A Baroque Reminder of Difficult Times When Maribor was hit by a devastating disease, its residents decided to set up a memorial to the tragic events – a decision that ultimately gave rise to one of the finest examples of Slovenian ...
A Newspaper that Shaped the Slovenian Language Modern-day Slovenia has a lively media scene, but in the 19th century, the Slovenian language struggled for parity against German in everyday life.
A Passion for Slovenian Culture Most of the historic province of Carinthia is now a part of Austria, but for centuries, it was at the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
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