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Karolina Dragica Črešnar
The 15th Woman Farmer of the Year was visibly moved at the awards ceremony. Photo: TV Slovenia


Slovenia’s’ 15th Woman Farmer of the Year bakes her own bread, raises sheep with her husband, and manages a quarry

She and her husband run a mountain farm
20. October 2017 ob 20:44
Zagorje ob Savi - MMC RTV SLO

To mark the International Day of Rural Women, the Association of Female Farmers of Slovenia awarded the Woman Farmer of the Year title to Karolina Dragica Črešnar of Zreče at an event in the town of Zagorje ob Savi on Thursday. Črešnar runs a mountain farm with her husband.

This is the fifteenth time that the Woman Farmer of the Year title has been given out by the Association of Female Farmers, which has more than 6500 members.

Karolina Dragica Črešnar of Zreče was one of eight nominees from all parts of Slovenia. In addition to raising sheep, she and her husband operate a quarry of Pohorje schist and bake bread as an additional source of income. Črešnar is active both on the farm – her workday starts in the middle of the night with the baking of bread – and in the Country Women Association, as well as in the local community.

The title represents a responsibility to other women farmers
The Woman Farmer of the Year isn’t just a recognition of past work and achievements. First and foremost, it represents a responsibility to other country women and compels the winner to work for their visibility, Črešnar said at the awards ceremony. “I have been swimming against the tide all my life for one reason – because swimming with the tide is easy, while going against the tide is very difficult. I believe that with this title, I’ll be able to do my work even more effectively. I’ll be able to draw attention to my fellow farmers, including country women, which means the most to me.”

She added that the future of farming depends mostly on the status of women farmers in society. “Women farmers aren’t appreciated enough. Frequently, they must stay home even when that isn’t necessary,” said Slovenia’s Woman Farmer of the Year.

T. K. B., Karmen Štrancar Rajevec (Radio Slovenia); translated by J. B.
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