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The hurricane wind blew off the roof of the Bogojina elementary school. Photo: Jože Grgurič/Bojan Peček


Storm blew off school roof: it landed some 200 metres away

Sever storm hit Moravske Toplice
11. August 2017 ob 11:15
Moravske Toplice - MMC RTV SLO

The storm which hit the Pomurje region last night caused the most damage in the Moravske Toplice municipality. The hurricane wind blew off the roof of the Bogojina elementary school. Three other buildings in the vicinity were damaged as well, a local woman was injured by glass fragments.

Afterwards the rain caused great damage in the schoolrooms. The mayor of Moravske Toplice Alojz Glavač announced that the Bogojina school won't open on September 1: "The entire roofing was blown off. Fortunately, there were no people outside due to the storm, or the consequences might have been worse – the roof landed some 200 away. Rain water damaged even classrooms in the ground floor, and we won't be able to have classes in the school in the beginning of the school year; I have already informed the relevant ministry."

"All the available help has been enlisted, including firemen, civil protection, and school staff, in order to salvage whatever can be saved. A part of the roof was blown all the way to the residential building; the roof flew over a house in the vicinity and damaged its roof as well, and at first we helped repair that roof. A part of the roof hit the next building on the other side of the road, and broke the windows, and glass fragments injured a woman inside, but it seems her injuries were minor," Drago Ivanič, head of the firemen intervention, explained.

Practically all firemen of the affected area, where there are 27 volunteer firemen associations, came to help. A number of roads were impassable because of fallen trees, and firemen also helped cover the damaged roofs. A part of the Moravske Toplice municipality is still without power, as a large number of electric line poles were uprooted or damaged.

Bojan Peček, TV Slovenija; translated by G. K.

Bojan Peček, TV Slovenija; translated by G. K.
Drago Ivanič
Alojz Glavan, župan občine Moravske Toplice
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