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Marcos Tavares
Marcos Tavares, the Brazilian striker playing for Maribor, became the victim of racist insults from some Zrinjski fans. Foto:


Tavares targeted by racist insults in Mostar

Zrinjski fans imitated monkey sounds
13. July 2017 ob 20:53
Mostar - MMC RTV SLO

After scoring the winning goal in Mostar, Marcos Tavares, the Brazilian striker playing for Maribor, became the victim of racist insults from some Zrinjski fans.

Tavares decided to celebrate the goal and Maribor's 2:1 win in front of the stands that contained Zrinjski fans. This turned out to be an unpleasant experience, according to the news portal

As can be seen in a video released by the portal, Tavares ran towards the stands, drew a heart with his hands, and threw kisses towards the fans, who responded by imitating a monkey. Tavares alerted Zrinjski players to the racist outburst from the fans.

Zrinjski could receive a harsh penalty

The news portal stresses that the actions by the fans cast a shadow on Wednesday's match, the first leg in the second qualifying round for the Champions League. According to, Zrinjski could face a harsh penalty from UEFA, which is uncompromising when racism is involved. At roughly the same time when the verbal attack on Tavares took place, several unknown assailants attacked Bulgarian citizens in Zadar, Croatia. Among other things, they burned down a Bulgarian-registered BMW, according to Zadar police, who are treating the attack as a case of fan violence.

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