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Gašper Vidmar
Gašper Vidmar has confirmed that he will be available for the team and coach Rade Trifunović. Foto: EPA


Vidmar in for the World Cup 2019 qualifiers, Omić out

Vidmar is not saying farewell to the national team jersey yet
7. November 2017 ob 21:27
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Two weeks before the start of the basketball World Cup 2019 qualifiers, Gašper Vidmar has confirmed that he will be available for the team and coach Rade Trifunović.

The news is all the more delightful as following last year's Eurobasket, Vidmar repeated several times that he was thinking about putting an end to his international career.

"We've been in contact in the last couple of weeks and I'm really happy that he will remain to be a part of the national team. He's an excellent basketball player and a great person. He has also proven that he's a real patriot and deserves all the respect. Apart from his playing qualities, Gašper also helps us teach our younger players, who will be carrying the national team in the years to come," Trifunović was happy about Vidmar's decision.

Omić will not be helping
Alen Omić will not be wearing the Slovenian national team jersey in the upcoming qualification matches, as the Slovenian coaching staff cannot guarantee him a regular position in the team.

Trifunović had this to say about the sitation with Omić: "I have full respect for Alen as a basketball player. In the past I've worked with him both on a club and international level. Regarding the fact that we are unable to promise him a regular position in these qualifiers, we don't want to be unfair and have therefore temporarily decided for Omič not to join the national team. In the future, when we will be able to guarantee him continuous participation in the team, I hope that that he will accept our invitation. Alen is a basketball player with a bright future and I will of course stay in contact with him."

Tickets already on sale
The reigning European champions will start their preparations for the first cycle of the World Cup 2019 qualifiers in 13 days. On Friday, the 24th of November, Slovenia will play against Belarus at home. Two days later it will play an away match against Spain. Tickets for the matches are already on sale.

D. S.; translated by K. J.
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