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55 - Engagement


So, Fani was proposed to by Dave. Dave is in seventh heaven and also learned new words: SVEČA – CANDLE, ROŽE – FLOWERS, GLASBA – MUSIC, and he bought the perfect PRSTAN – RING with the almost perfect PRECIOUS STONE – DRAGI KAMEN.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

ANG A young Slovene girl called Fani spent a year in the Emerald Isle working as an au-pair. After falling in love with good-humoured Irish bartender Dave, Fani lures him back to Maribor. But how can he possibly survive without knowing any Slovene? Trying to master »survival Slovene« turns out to be an incredible challenge for the highly motivated Dave, and occasionally a real nightmare for his beloved Fani. A Daily dose of Slovene language for foreigners wanting to improve their everyday Slovene, and have a laugh while doing it. Premieres every weekday at 7:30 am, rebroadcasts at 3:45 pm … only on Radio Si. ******************************************************* SLO Mlada slovenka Fani je leto dni preživela na zelenem Irskem kot varuška otrok. Tam se zaljubi v hudomušnega barmana Davea in ga zvabi, da se z njo vrne/preseli v Maribor. A le kako v Sloveniji preživeti brez znanja slovenščine? Spoznavanje »preživetvene slovenščine« je za izjemno motiviranega Irca neverjeten izziv, za njegovo Fani pa občasno prava nočna mora. Dnevna doza slovenskega jezika za vse tujce, ki bi se želeli vsak dan naučiti nekaj novih slovenskih besed za vsakdanjik in se ob tem še nasmejati. Vsak delavnik premiera ob 7:30, ponovitev ob 15:45 … samo na Radiu Si.

55 - Engagement


So, Fani was proposed to by Dave. Dave is in seventh heaven and also learned new words: SVEČA – CANDLE, ROŽE – FLOWERS, GLASBA – MUSIC, and he bought the perfect PRSTAN – RING with the almost perfect PRECIOUS STONE – DRAGI KAMEN.


325 - Visit from a Slovene-English couple

Yes … Dave has become a real promoter of the Slovenian language among foreigners. It is not a COINCIDENCE – NAKLJUČJE that in this last episode he already teaches Slovenian words: BUČKINA JUHA is PUMPKIN SOUP, BRUSNIČNA OMAKA is CRANBERRY SAUCE, TELEČJA PEČENKA means ROAST VEAL… And if you still want to learn even more words find all the episodes of “Dave’s Challenge: Let’s Learn Slovene” on the Radio Si podcast!


324 - Future anniversary

Let's hope that the kids BEHAVE THEMSELVES – OBNAŠATI SE, while Fani goes off to the HEN PARTY or DEKLIŠČINA. Dave remembers only too well his STAG PARTY or FANTOVŠČINA all those years ago. He got his darling wife some NAKIT - JEWELLERY for their OBLETNICA - ANNIVERSARY. She's off to the party with a new NECKLACE - OGRLICA and BRACELET - ZAPESTNICA. HOW THOUGHFUL! - KAKO POZORNO!


323 - First tooth

A new chapter in our Irish-Slovene couple´s life as parents has begun - the growing of the BABY TEETH – MLEČNI ZOBKI. Babies tend TO DROOL – SLINITI SE and also keep PUTTING THINGS IN THEIR MOUTH – DAJEJO STVARI V USTA. When you massage a baby’s GUM – DLESEN, you also see the tooth coming out. Some babies grow their teeth with no problems, others tend to get a light FEVER – VROČINA or even DIARRHEA – DRISKA. Yes, parenting is not easy…


322 - New Year's office party

Dave seems TO BE SETTLED – SE JE VKLOPIL into his new job quite well. At their THEME PARTY – TEMATSKA ZABAVA they had to wear CHRISTMAS SWEATERS – BOŽIČNE PULOVERJE. And part of their tradition is also KARAOKE – KARAOKE. Dave sang Alfi Nipič’s SILVESTRSKI POLJUB – NEW YEAR’S EVE KISS pretty well, what do say? Well, as his BOSS - ŠEF says, Dave is very CAPABLE – SPOSOBEN and he’s welcome in their LAW FAMILY – PRAVNA DRUŽINA. Cheers to the New Year!


321 - Only good news

Oh, what an episode. Only GOOD NEWS – DOBRE NOVICE. And it is not a VIŠJA PLAČA – HIGHER SALARY. Dave just PASSED THE LAST EXAM – OPRAVIL ZADNJI IZPIT and he is a LAWYER – ODVETNIK now… Sure, Milena is really PONOSNA or PROUD of him. He also had NEVERJETNA SREČA – UNBELIEVABLE LUCK at the PRVI RAZPIS – FIRST TENDER and got a great job. All the other good news is just STRAWBERRY ON THE CAKE – JAGODA NA TORTICI.


320 - Miši v hiši

MIŠI V HIŠI – MICE IN THE HOUSE. IN THE BEDROOM – V SPALNICI. Dave bought a MOUSE TRAP – PAST ZA MIŠI or MIŠOLOVKA. He thought about putting TESTENINE – PASTA in the traps, but then decided to use SIR – CHEESE. He started banging on POTS – LONCI to scare them away and armed his wife Fani with a METLA – a BROOM.


319 - Mr. Lovor Lovor

So while Dave waits for his LOVORIKA or PRIZE, and watches his KRIMINALKA or CRIME DRAMA, let's see what new words he's learned this time. LOVOR is a BAY LEAF. It's good for REDUCING STRESS - ZMANJŠEVANJE STRESA. BRSKATI PO INTERNETU is TO BROWSE THE INTERNET, WRIGGLY is MIGASTI and ZELIŠČA are HERBS. They can also help your IMMUNE SYSTEM - IMUNSKI SISTEM. But the best thing for you is a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP - DOBER SPANEC!


318 - Stuck in the elevator

»Konec dober, vse dobro” or a happy end for our couple in the hospital. While stuck in the ELEVATOR – DVIGALO, Dave managed to learn some Slovene words… like STAY CALM – OSTANITE MIRNI, CALL FOR HELP – POKLIČITE POMOČ, BLOCKED SENSOR – ZABLOKIRAN SENZOR. Above all you need a lot of PATIENCE – POTRPLJENJE. The same also goes while waiting for a DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT – PREGLED PRI ZDRAVNIKU.


317 - New suit

So, it’s time for Dave to start dressing himself more seriously like a real BUISINESS MAN – POSLOVNEŽ. Today he went to the TAILOR – KROJAČ and he ordered TWO PAIRS OF PANTS – DVOJE HLAČ, FOUR SHIRTS – ŠTIRI SRAJCE and TWO JACKETS or BLAZERS – DVA SUKNJIČA. The tailor took his MEASURES – MERE and he needs to come back for a TRY ON – PROBA in a week. Now all he needs is TWO TIES – DVE KRAVATI and some SHOES – ČEVLJE.


316 - Little Red Riding Hood

Dave’s attempt to read his son a FAIRYTALE – PRAVLJICA for GOOD NIGHT – LAHKO NOČ did not go so well. He didn’t choose to read HANSEL AND GRETEL – JANKO IN METKA, GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS – ZLATOLASKA IN TRIJE MEDVEDI, nor THE THREE LITTLE PIGS – TRIJE PRAŠIČKI. He chose to read his son LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – RDEČA KAPICA. Dave thought Max would like it, because of the WOLF WITH BIG TEETH – VOLK Z VELIKIMI ZOBMI, and the HUNTER – LOVEC, who later kills the wolf and cuts open his STOMACH – TREBUH. Unfortunately for Dave, this was not the case…


315 - Romantic activities

MOTHERHOOD - MATERINSTVO can be exhausting. So, being the good BROTHER IN LAW – SVAK, Dave decided to ask Špela to babysit again. This time he wanted to take Fani for some fun activities, like bowling and GOING TO THE MOVIES – ITI VI KINO to see a ROMANTIC MOVIE – LJUBEZENSKI FILM. But sometimes people, like Fani, are so EXHAUSTED – UTRUJENI, that they just fall asleep…


314 - Good times with friends

Dave has really great friends. And there is never a shortage of new words: POGAJANJE means NEGOTIATION, PREVITI means TO SWADLLE, OTROŠKI VOZIČEK is STROLLER, ODGOVOREN – RESPONSIBLE, ZIBATI DOJENČKA means TO ROCK THE BABY, and POMIRITI – TO SOOTHE. Yes, Dave is becoming the best daddy ever.


313 - Dave gets a new job



312 - English tourist in Ptuj

So, while Fani takes their BUNDLE OF JOY - ŽAKELJ SREČE, Max Conor, FOR A WALK - NA SPREHOD, Dave and the HISTORIAN - ZGODOVINAR, are exchanging ideas about local history. Dave learned how to give directions in Slovenian from his new wife, Fani. STRAIGHT AHEAD is NARAVNOST, ACROSS THE BRIDGE is ČEZ MOST, a ROAD SIGN is a PROMETNI ZNAK or “TABLA” and a ROUNDABOUT is a KROŽIŠČE. And cars in Slovenia do have INDICATORS – SMERNIKI or ŽMIGAVCI. How CONVENIENT - PRIKUPNO!


311 - At the flea market

Poor Dave. He’s still no match for the sellers at the FLEA MARKET – BOLŠJI SEJEM. Dave tried to bring down the price by NEGOTIATING – POGAJATI SE or HAGGLING – BARANTANJE. His friend even told him to be CALM – UMIRJEN, SELF-CONFIDENT – SAMOZAVSTEN, SMILE – NASMEJATI SE, and BE IN CHARGE – BITI GLAVNI. But Dave failed miserably, and so instead of buying a BICYCLE – KOLO, or some COMIC BOOKS – STRIPI, CAR PARTS – AVTO DELI, a SHOVEL – LOPATA or nice EMBROIDERY – VEZENINE, Dave will have to settle for some ICE CREAM – SLADOLED.


310 - Collecting stickers

Poor Dave… I don't think he understands the serious business of collecting STICKERS – SLIČICE in Slovenia yet. You get a PACKET – PAKET of stickers at the shop. You can STICK – NALEPITI the stickers in an ALBUM or ALBUM. You only need to go to the CHECKOUT – BLAGAJNA once… and you don't have to go BANKRUPT Dave - BANKROT. One BAG – VREČKA of groceries should be enough. NI VAŽNO – IT DOESN’T MATTER because I'm sure that Mia has plenty of stickers to EXCHANGE or SWAP – IZMENJATI – with her friends. And that's all that matters!


309 - Dave loses his voice

Dave got his voice back JUST IN TIME – PRAVI ČAS for his INTERVIEW – POGOVOR. He also learned a few things about Slovenian HOME REMEDIES - DOMAČA ZDRAVILA. KARAMELNO MLEKO is CARAMEL MILK, ŽAJBELJ is SAGE, GRGRATI is TO GARGLE, and SLANA VODA is SALTY WATER. Let's hope Dave gets that new job so that he can QUIT – ZAPUSTITI the old one. DRŽIMO PESTI – FINGERS CROSSED and BEST OF LUCK - VSO SREČO Dave.


308 - EMŠO

So, if you’re TIRED – UTRUJEN, if something HURTS – BOLI, or if you COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME – PRITOŽEVATI SE VES ČAS, you can always blame it on the EMŠO – which is a word used as a reference to your age, but is also your Slovenian personal identification number - an abbreviation for Enotna Matična Številka Občana.


307 - Babysitter

So, everything ended well. Connor Max is with Fani and he doesn’t need a BABYSITTER - VARUŠKA. Dave can go to the pub now and help with the WRONG DELIVERY - NAPAČNA DOSTAVA. And he’ll take Max for A WALK – SPREHOD some other day to see AUTUMN LEAVES – JESENSKO LISTJE. Or neighbour Jože will take him, while AUTUMN – JESEN is his favourite SEASON – LETNI ČAS.


306 - Halloween

Let's hope that Dave's tooth isn't too bad. At least he learned some interesting new words today. STAVKA is A STRIKE, NOČ ČAROVNIC is HALLOWEEN, NETOPIRJI are BATS, and SVEČKE are CANDLES. TO CARVE something is REZLJATI, a PUMPKIN is BUČA and a TURNIP is REPA. Dave will have to save the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK-BALLOONS – BALONI KI SE SVETIJO V TEMI - for next year. For now, he just has A RAG – KRPA, A RING - PRSTAN and a trip to the dentist with a shiny new COIN - KOVANEC.

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