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Slovenia's hidden gems

63 epizod

Slovenia's hidden gems

63 epizod

We are introducing Slovenia’s most attractive tourist offers for visitors from abroad. In general, foreign visitors are mostly drawn to the most famous places, like the Lake Bled resort, Ljubljana castle, Postojna cave, the coastal town of Piran etc. But the project Slovenia’s hidden gems aims to remind our audiences of the many other excellent locations and experiences that are also a must, in order to get a deeper feel of the country’s rich traditions, including cuisine, culture and other unique and innovative (but secret) tourist attractions. Please give us your proposals for any unique location, service or tourist offer, that you would definitely share with foreign visitors to Slovenia. The best rated suggestions and ideas will then be tested by foreigners living, working or studying in Slovenia (members of our Radio Si International Club). They will then share their experiences with our audience in a show and on our Radio Si website, introducing the excellent providers, too. At the end of the season, it will be time for all of you to vote among the 20 excellent finalists and pick three winners, who will receive the »Slovenia’s hidden gem 2018« award. On-Air: every other WED at 11:20; SAT, 00:20, SUN, 14:20 The show is prepared by Ksenija Samardžija Matul and Lidija Petković; sound engineer: Peter Kopše Pišec.


SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMs 2019 FINALIST #5 - Experience the Pannonian world

''Experience the Pannonian World'' is a tourist package that was tested by this beautiful Bulgarian family of four recently, Teodor, his wife Daria, and their two children, Maxim and Alysa. Their first stop was in a small village of Tešanovci near the popular spa resort Moravske toplice in NE Slovenia, dubbed ''Panonnian village''. Learn more about their experience (On Air: Wednesday, 5 Jun, at 11:20) Read more about the offer, coordinated by the Pannonian village in Tešanovci near Moravske Toplice, HERE:


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2019 Finalist #4 Velenje Underground

Our Radio SI Scouts Denise and Jure Rejec tested the package Velenje Underground, a guided tour through the town of Velenje and culinary experience 160 meters underground. Curious? Then listen to our latest edition of Slovenia's Hidden Gems.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2019 Finalist #3 - Pure Soča Adrenaline

Testing a 2-day tourist offer ''Pure Soča Adrenaline'' was a couple from South Africa, Sonja & Chris Van Der Merwe, who've had a really special time visiting the Soča valley despite the rainy weather, thanks to the Eco camp Koren Kobarid & Eco farm Žvanč. Why? TUNE IN! READ about their experience & check some of their photos HERE: On-Air: Wednesday, 8 May, at 11:20am. Re-broadcast: 11 May, at 00:20; 12 May, at 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2019 Finalist #2 - Trails of Fairy tales and Legends in Tržič

Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Trails of Fairy tales and Legends in Tržič It is time again for another edition of Slovenia’s Hidden Gems on Radio SI.Trixie Pacis and Luke Wilson from Canada were discovering the town of Tržič in northern Slovenia testing the two-day package Trails of Fairy tales and Legends in Tržič. If you want to find out more about what Trixie and Luke experienced, then tune in on Wednesday at 11:30 am and on Sunday at 2:30 pm.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2019 Finalist#1 - Relax in Podčetrtek

ORTENIA Eco Apartments in Podčetrtek have been recently discovered by our British scouts, ANNETTE & STEVE LOVELAND, our first scouts' couple of Season 2. Tune in to their story & all the providers (Ortenia Apartments, AMON Olimje restaurant and the Olimje Monastery) as part of the 2-day ''RELAX in PODČETRTEK'' package! More about the offer & the scouts' experience: On-Air: 10 Apr, 11:20 (rebroadcast; 13 Apr, 00:20, 14 Apr, 10:20)


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 18 - Getaway to the Red Planet

No, it's not an escape to Mars! Our two scouts, David Heredero Zorza from Spain and his Slovenian partner Monika Kralj, visited the Karst region famous for its red wine and soil. recently. A visit to the Bartolato stonemasonery in Pliskovica seemed to be the most special activity during their trip, since it was something they would never do on their own. The 2-day tourist offer ''A Getaway to the Red Planet'' they tested for us/you was coordinated by the TIC Sežana. Want to hear more? TUNE IN on Wed, 26 Sep, at 11:20!


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.17: Green Adventures in the Vipava Valley

Let us take you to the beautiful wine-region of the Vipava Valley. Mariano Cecowski from Argentina and Žiga Puternel from Slovenia were testing the two-day package Green Adventures in the Vipava Valley. As you can imagine this package included a lot of great food and a lot of wine. Want to find out more? Then listen to their experience this WEDNESDAY, 12th September, 11:20, only on Radio Si. REBROADCAST: Sat, 15th September, 00:20, and Sun, 16th September, 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 16 - The Valley of Kolpa's Green Beauty

Deyana Ivanova (BUL) & her boy friend Roman Medved (SLO) recently became part of wild, unspoiled nature down by the warmest Slovenian river Kolpa. We sent them off to enjoy a weekend-getaway in the beautiful Bela Krajina region. Join them on air this Wed, 29 Aug, at 11:20 to hear more about their experience! This offer was coordinated by Kolpa adventures - Tine & co. The show was recorded and prepared by Lidija Petković and edited by Peter Kopše Pišec.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 15 - Among the Herdsmen on Velika Planina

Two retired Geography teachers from the UK currently living in Goričko (NE Slovenia) said they experienced heaven recently... AYESHA Christmas and JOHN Burn were sent off to the beautiful karst mountain plateau Velika planina to try out a very unique tourist offer there. According to them, the entire place is ''a kind of living museum''. On-Air: On WED, Aug 15, we're going to take you to another SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEM at 11:20! More about their experience: The offer's coordinator: Zavod za turizem, šport in kulturo Kamnik Visit to find out more about our finalists and suggestions.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.14 - Herbal Glamping in Ljubno ob Savinji

Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Herbal Glamping in Ljubno ob Savinji


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 13 - Adventure in Idrija

SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS no. 13 takes us to the western mining and lace town of Idrija! Daughter Andrea and Mary Jadrzyk from Canada have tried out a tourist offer ''Adventure in Idrija'' (coordinated by Petra Žitnik of the Hudournik Association) for us. There they learnt a tremendous amount of history, enjoyed excellent traditional cuisine and nature and made several friends. Their experience in short: ''It was here that we saw how life above and below ground differed - like day and night.'' Meeting them and recording their story was Lidija Petković. Edited by Andrej Korelič.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.12 - Hidden treasures of Slovenj Gradec and Mislinja Valley

Slovenj Gradec in northern Slovenia with its old medieval city centre offers a genuine experience of cultural and historical heritage. Alison and William Cornelly from the UK together with their two grandchildren Ruby and Rene were our Radio SI Scouts testing what the tourist package Hidden treasures of Slovenj Gradec and Mislinja Valley has to offer. And they were delighted. Listen to their experience this WEDNESDAY, 4th July, 11:20, only on Radio Si. REBROADCAST: Sat, 7th July, 00:20, and Sun, 8th July, 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 11 - The Brown Bear Kingdom in Loška Valley

Our latest tourist package is ''The Brown Bear Kingdom'' in Loška Valley in southern Slovenia. Testing the 1-day offer were Peter Davey from the UK and his Slovenian partner Milan Šelj. Even though they live in the Karst region closer to the coast, they have never explored the “Green Karst” before. Have they encountered a bear at the end of the day? Tune in on Wednesday, Jun 20, at 11:20 to find out more about their unforgetable experience. Coordinating the introduced package was Romana Nared from the Lož Tourist Information Centre. This show was prepared and recorded by Lidija Petković, and edited by Peter Kopše Pišec.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.10 - Mediterranean flavours of Slovenian Istra

Testing the tourist package Mediterranean flavours of Slovenian Istria were Edwin Muñoz from Columbia, Nina Muñoz from Slovenia and their eight- month old son Matic. They experienced a lot of great food, learned about wines and they learned about the salt-making tradition in Strunjan. Want to find out more? Then listen to their experience this WEDNESDAY, 6th June, 11:20, only on Radio Si. REBROADCAST: Sat, 9th June, 00:20, and Sun, 10th June, 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.9 - Exploring Tolmin and the remnants of the Isonzo front

We had two young girl friends from the Czech Republic testing a tourist offer in NW town of Tolmin and its surroundings. Zdenka Kohoutkova and Gabriela Kalčikova spent a day cycling, rafting, learning about history and enjoying the local cuisine. But one activity in particular made them fall in love with this place forever, white water rafting onthe famous Soča river. Joining them was also Lidija Petković. Coordinating the offer for us was Borut Nikolaš of Maya team d.o.o.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems No.8 - Adventures of the geopark Karavanke

Testing the tourist package Underground adventures in geopark Karavanke as well as enjoying the natural features of the region were Catherine Nakato from Uganda and Gregor Strehovec from Ljubljana. Catherine and Gregor also learned a lot about the mining history of Mežica and the traditions of Črna na Koroškem. Curious? Listen to their experience this WEDNESDAY, 9th May, 11:20, only on Radio Si. REBROADCAST: Sat, 12th May, 00:20, and Sun, 13th May, 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 7 - Delights of Count Blagaj’s land

In the green surroundings of Ljubljana and Polhov Gradec, unique local stories are joined into a bundle of culinary delights. Testing the package Delights of Count Blagaj’s land, were Colin Hayes and Diane Hughes from the UK. Listen to their experience this WEDNESDAY, 25th Apr, 11:20, only on Radio Si. REBROADCAST: Sat, 28th Apr, 00:20, and Sun, 29th Apr, 14:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 6 - Hard Coal & Fragile Glass in Zasavje

Slovenia's central Zasavje region certainly can take you back in time, but also back to the future, thanks to a neat package offer, dubbed ''Hard Coal & Fragile Glass''. Testing it for the latest SLOVENIA'S HIDDEN GEMS show was a Canadian couple, Michelle Gadpaille and Victor Kennedy, who seemed to have been very amused from beginning to end. They talked to Lidija Petković More about the package offer, their experience & the SHG project: The offer was coordinated by Zavod za kulturo Delavski dom Trbovlje.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems No. 5 Exploring the history, scenery and taste of Brežice

This time, our show Slovenia's Hidden Gems takes us to Brežice and its surrounding area »Exploring the history, scenery and taste of Brežice«. Bart Hendrickx and Benny De Kimpe, two friends from Belgium, were happy to evaluate this tourist package. On air: WEDNESDAY, 28th March, 11:20.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems no.4 - Winter Weekend in Jezersko

This time, Slovenia's Hidden Gems reports about the ''Winter Weekend in Jezersko''. Trying this tourist offer for us was a Macedonian couple, Elena and Darko Stojanovski, who went there together with their lovely daughter Georgina. Joining them on the spot on Day 2 was Lidija Petković. Coordinated by TD Jezersko.

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