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The most promising future cooperation is in the fields of construction and agriculture. Foto: Radio Koper/google


Ajdovščina hopes to cooperate with China in construction and agriculture

Representatives of Jurong municipality to visit Ajdovščina next week
14. April 2018 ob 10:30
Aldovščina - MMC RTV SLO

When the Ajdovščina-based Pipistrel aircraft factory started the construction of another factory in Jurong, China, a delegation from the Ajdovščina also paid the Chinese a visit. It signed an agreement with the municipality of Jurong to nurture friendly relations, and has since also established close economic contacts.

The most promising future cooperation is in the fields of construction and agriculture. The two cities also talked about concrete projects; the Chinese would finance a large residential neighbourhood. Jurong is a city located almost in the suburbs of Nanjing, where skyscrapers are being built continually. After twinning with the Ajdovščina municipality, it seems that China will also carry out some construction business in Slovenia.

"What brings this kind of cooperation is actually a connection with various companies operating in China, and one of them has already expressed an interest in building an apartment complex called Ribnik BS2 in Ajdovščina. The investment is estimated at around € 30 million," explains the mayor of Ajdovščina Tadej Beočanin.

Economic cooperation has also boosted tourism and agriculture in Ajdovščina. "The Chinese representatives of Jurong have already purchased a large amount of wine from the Vipava Valley," Beočanin pointed out.

The Chinese are returning the visit next week, with representatives of the Jurong municipality coming to Ajdovščina. Sometime in the near future, the Chinese will also participate in aviation training in Ajdovščina.

Mojca Dumančič, TV Slovenija; translated by K. Z.
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