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Kanin will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 8 am and 4 pm. Photo: Radio Koper


Kanin cables to start operating for skiers on Friday

The ski centre ensures that two slopes will be open
8. November 2017 ob 13:55

An almost 1 meter high blanket of snow has convinced the Sončni Kanin ski centre to have a couple of ski slopes ready for skiing at the end of the week.

The ski centre will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 8 am and 4 pm. Open for skiing will be the Sedlo and Prevala slopes. If there is enough new snow they will also try and prepare the Skripi slope.

The first skiing of the season at Kanin on Friday will be free of charge for children under the age of 10, accompanied by their parents. The daily ski ticket for students and seniors will be 14 euros, and 20 euros for adults.

The snow did surprise the ski centre as it previously planned to have its opening on the 16th of December, but it nevertheless is ready for the new ski season. The centre renovated the Graben double chairlift and slope with the same name well before the first snow. The cross-border ski resort has 12 cables, which can transport up to 15 thousand people in one hour.

The renovated ski slope on Mt. Kanin was reopened again after many years last December. The last ski season was assessed as good. In approximately 144 days the centre's cable network transported around 20,000 people. The same amount of people also came from the Italian side, from Sella Nevea.

Last winter the Kanin ski slope was pronounced the second best big ski centre in Slovenia. Slovenian-Italian cooperation was reestablished again after four years, as Kanin's ski slopes had previously been closed since January 2013 due to damage on the circular-cabin cable car.

P. B., MMC; translated by K. J.
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