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Krkovič was in prison for 298 days. Foto: BoBo/Žiga Živulović jr.


Krkovič sues the state for damages of 600,000 euros

Several claims for compensation in the Patria case
28. December 2017 ob 13:10
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Tone Krkovič, a retired brigadier and former commander of the special brigade Moris, filed a law suit against the Republic of Slovenia at the Ljubljana District Court.

Krkovič seeks 600,000 euros in damages for spending 298 days in prison. According to media reports, he does not agree with the figure of 35,280 euros in damages offered to him by the State Attorney's Office.

As Krkovič wrote, irreparable damage has been inflicted on him throughout the approximately ten year process, particularly by the denial of personal freedom. He seeks 600,000 euros in damages for psychological distress, encroachment upon his honour and good reputation, the violation of him personal rights, curtailment of freedom and the fear caused by the Patria case.

Krkovič was sentenced to 22 months in prison and started to serve his prison sentence in July 2014. In April 2015, the constitutional court annulled the ruling of the lower courts and ordered a retrial. Krkovič was released from prison. In September 2015, the Patria case fell under the statute of limitation, according to a local court ruling.

In October, Krkovič's attorney Jože Hribernik stated that the damages offered by the State Attorney's Office were way too low. According to Hribernik, it is almost an insult for the State Attorney's Office to offer such an amount, especially as Krkovič had been illegally imprisoned for almost 300 days.

Al. Ma., MMC; translated by A. L.