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Andrej Šiško, the head of the Zedinjena Slovenija party, is the commander of the Styrian Guard. Foto: MMC RTV SLO


"Šiško's" guards line up in the Styrian forest

The former presidential candidate explains that the masked group is the so-called Styrian Guard (Štajerska Varda)
3. September 2018 ob 20:08
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Photographs of masked men armed with cold weapons (axes) and firearms, posted on Facebook, has caught the attention of Slovenian social network users. The only one that was not masked in the group was the presidential candidate in the last elections, Andrej Šiško, who commanded the procession.

Šiško explained to MMC that on the 24th of June, together with his supporters, he established the Country of Štajerska (Dežela Štajerska). He said that the Dežela Štajerska was not in violation of the Slovenian constitution which envisages provinces, and quotes Article 3 which touches on local self-governance, adding that power lies within the people. "As people we can stop anyone, especially if we're free. On the basis of that we founded the Dežela Štajerska," explained Šiško.

Andrej Šiško also said that Slovenia is a strange country and that those who lead the country don't respect the very constitution they wrote. That is why he decided to establish a parallel legal system "in line with Slovene and old Styrian law, a "natural" law according to which the right to bear and use firearms for defense is a fundamental human right." "But because a country which does not control its borders, and is not capable of ensuring public order on its territory, is not a real country," they decided to set up the Styrian Guard (Štajerska Varda). According to Šiško, Varda is an old Slovene word for guard.

Slovenia's institutions are not expected to allow armed groups of masked guards to freely walk across its territory. Šiško says he is prepared to cooperate with Slovenia's law enforcement authorities, if they express readiness to cooperate with him. "If they don't, they'll have problems with us." He adds that they are prepared to use firearms, in order to conduct themselves as a real military organization.

Replying to whether they could be perceived as a terrorist organization, Šiško says they are not afraid of anything: "We're no terrorists, we're free people. The things that Slovenian authorities do, that's terrorism."

So why were all the men in the photographs, apart from Šiško, masked? Šiško says it is right that we cannot see who those people are. "Look at the pictures of Slovenia's special police forces. They're masked in all the videos," explains Šiško

G. C.; translated by K. J.
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