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Dejan Zavec
He started boxing when he was 16 years old. He put Slovenia on the world boxing map. In his career he recorded 35 wins and 4 losses. Foto: BoBo


Zavec to retire: "23 years has been enough. It's time for new victories"

A reception on Saturday in Juršinci
27. November 2015 ob 19:33

"There's no hiding in boxing. The body tells the fighter when it's time… 23 years has been enough. It's time for new victories, but this time outside the ring," said Dejan Zavec, announcing the end of his boxing career.

The 39-year-old Zavec, who is still in Miami, published the news via social networks. He mentioned many people who have in one way or another been a part of his sports story: "Thank you to each and every one of you! Without you I would never have made it that far!"

Lara too difficult an opponent for Zavec
Zavec went out to Florida with a clear goal: to shock the boxing world and take away the world championship titles in the WBA and IBO rankings from the number one boxer in the super welterweight category, the American-based Cuban Erislandy Lara. However the plan did not succeed. Lara successfully retained his title after Zavec suffered an injury.

The native of Ptuj became a professional boxing world champion twice
Despite the loss the native of Ptuj has a great career behind him. He started boxing when he was 16 years old. He put Slovenia on the world boxing map. In his career he recorded 35 wins and 4 losses.

In 2009 in South Africa he won the world welterweight IBF title after defeating Isaac Hlatshwayo. Zavec then successfully defended his title three times. This spring he also added the WBF super welterweight title by beating Armenian boxer Sasha Yengoyan. And although that title has not been taken away from Zavec, despite his loss from Lara, the Slovenian boxer has made a decision not to defend the belt.

A reception on Saturday in his home village Juršinci
He returns to Slovenia on Saturday. On that day his fans will organize a welcoming reception for him in his home village Juršinci. Many of his fans travelled with him to the US, this time as well. Zavec will officially say farewell to his professional boxing career at a special event, the details of which will be known in a few days.

To. G.; translated by K. J.

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