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Land of dreams

209 epizod

Land of dreams

209 epizod

An audio documentary presenting true stories about foreigners in Slovenia. We visit them, peek into their lives and daily routines. Take a different look at the people that have come from abroad! Has Slovenia fulfilled their expectations? Is it their land of dreams?


Meet Marko Mandir, a Croatian in Slovenia

Meet Marko Mandir, a Croatian opera singer living and working in Maribor. He came to Slovenia 13 years ago because of a woman. Today he sings in the Slovene National Theatre, in a Croatian »klapa« in Maribor, and from time to time also at funerals… Marko is no longer with the woman that brought him here, but has no regrets about coming to Slovenia. He loves to go skiing and hiking with his son, and hopes for a good winter with lots of snow. You can also join us on facebook at


Meet Dan Zhu, a Chinese in Slovenia

After Beijing and New York in Slovenia! A violinist since the age of 4, Dan Zhu has been playing music for 30 years now, performing on concert stages across the world. Dan says being in Slovenia makes him at ease and gives a good balance to his life. He also says that music is an endless discovery, and praises Slovenes as a musical people. Take a glimpse into the life of Dan Zhu from China, and discover some of Slovenia's musical folk heritage… You can also join us on facebook at


Meet Bouziane Boughazi, an Algerian in Slovenia

This week we visit Bouziane Boughazi, an Algerian who has been living in Slovenia for 34 years now! He first arrived in Ljubljana as a student when this was still Yugoslavia. He then met his wife and eventually decided to settle down in Maribor. We sat down with Bouziane over a cup of Algerian tea and touched on the stress-free student life of the 1980s and the large African community of students at that time. Bouziane says there is big a difference between life then and life now, but says he feels as a Slovenian and hopes to live out his life in Slovenia. You can also join us on facebook at


Meet Simone Micheilin, a Dutch woman in Slovenia

Simone Micheilin is a Dutch woman who says her home and roots are now in Slovenia! What happened was she arrived in Slovenia on a Saturday, saw a house on Sunday, went to the Upravna enota on Monday, and then left Slovenia on Tuesday knowing that she just bought a house in Rečica ob Savinji. After the initial shock she quickly fell in the love with the country and its people, and now works as a tour guide.


Meet Alexander Brown, a Briton in Slovenia

Alexander Brown is a retired opera singer now living in the village of Studeno near Postojna. Eighteen years ago he made the decision to replace the big city opera stages for a quiter life in Slovenia. Alexander is a British national, born in Egypt to an Italian/Maltese mother and a Scottish father. He says music is in the blood of Slovenes and is happy to live in a country surrounded by singing and so many great vocalists. One of those larger than life characters with a strong and gregarious personality, comfortably tucked away among the green hills and pastures that are Slovenia.


Meet Gregiore Vincent and L.B., a French man and a Slovak dog in Slovenia

Meet Gregoire Vincent and his faithful dog L.B. A French man and a Slovak dog. They followed the direction the wind was blowing and ended up on a farm in Slovenia. A man of nature, a shepherd, a farmer and an animal lover, Gregoire came to Slovenia to learn the language and be productive. He is a man who plants oak trees everywhere he goes. His close companion L.B. is his best and most loyal friend. Oh, praise be for the many different characters with which the Slovenian hills abound…


Meet Przemek Skowron, a Polish in Slovenia

Love. Przemek says love can change the world. Who is Przemek? He's a Polish citizen. Family name: Skowron. Currently in Bled working as a cook at a vegan fast food bar which he opened together with two other friends. Przemek came to Slovenia in search of spirituality. His dream of living by a lake and swimming in it everyday has come true. Przemek says the love revolution will start from Bled and then spread across the world. You can also join us on facebook at


Meet Bernadette Smon, an Australian in Slovenia

What's it like living in Slovenia if you're a stay-at-home mother of two young children? Bernadette Šmon from Australia says it's not that easy. We visited Bernadette and her family in Radovljica, tried her banana bread, and discussed some of the positive and negative aspects of living in Slovenia. After living here for three years Bernadette says it’s now time for a change…


Meet Carolin Trojner, a German in Slovenia

A glimpse of the life of a German vet living in Slovenia… Meet Carolin Trojner, a young vet and a married mother of two. Carolin met her Slovenian husband in Germany, worked in Austria, and then slowly made her way down to Slovenia. She now lives in Maribor and works at the veterinary clinic in Pesnica pri Mariboru. She has a rabbit on her balcony, and says cats are more tricky to handle than dogs.. You can also follow Land of Dreams on Facebook at


Meet Marion Foucart, a French in Slovenia

Marion Foucart is a French music journalist living in Ljubljana. She met her Slovenian husband in Ireland through the Erasmus student exchange program. The two then lived in Paris for five years before moving to Ljubljana. They now have two children and Marion says she would rather continue living in Ljubljana than go back to Paris. We found her at a coworking place in Ljubljana's Tobačna complex. We sat down for a drink and touched on the differences between Ljubljana and Paris and the music scene in Slovenia. Find ou more about Land of Dreams on Facebook at


Meet Marco, an Austrian, and Julia, a Russian, living in Slovenia

Meet Marco, an Austrian, and Julia, a Russian, living in Ljubljana! Together:) They met in Ljubljana and have now moved into their new apartment just beneath Ljubljana Castle. They're full of praise for Slovenia and its capital. They like the good food, the traffic, the closeness of everything, the absence of stress, and the Mediterranean way of life! Marco & Julia on Land of Dreams - the 100th episode! You can also join us on facebook at


Meet Sanskriti Kumar, an Indian in Slovenia

Sanskriti Kumar has been a fighter all her life. Independent and living alone since high school, torn between cultures, combining school and work, life has now brought her to Ljubljana where she studies mass communication. Born in India to Indian parents, at the age of 10 she moved to Maribor with her father and sister. She says she no longer feels like a foreigner in Slovenia and says her plan is to stay in Europe. You can also follow Land of Dreams on Facebook at


Meet Helene Erjavec, a Swiss in Slovenia

Helene Erjavec has spent more years in Slovenia than in her native Switzerland. She first came to Slovenia in 1979 and has stayed in Lenart ever since. She followed her love, witnessed the creation of a new state, experienced the early-year shortages of food and products, and survived the air raids. She later became one of the first people to work on today's Radio Si, worked as a translator and language teacher. She now loves to paint, read, sing and is a loving grandmother. A true lady of the word, Helene Erjavec.


Meet Tibor Babić, a British Bosnian in Slovenia

Tibor was born as a foreigner, grew up us a foreigner, and still is a foreigner. However his positivity and ability to adapt are remarkable. Born in London to parents from Bosnia he says England has got everything anyone could ever want, but not for him. The great outdoors and love for nature are what made Tibor leave his comfort zone and come to Slovenia. Studying forestry in Ljubljana, this young man hopes to fulfill his dreams in Slovenia...


Meet Scott Irwin, an American in Slovenia

Backpacking and homeless in Luxembourg - content and happy in Slovenia! Scott Irwin is an Amerian who has been living in Maribor, Slovenia, for around one year now. Despite the fact that immigrating to Slovenia is no walk in the park, Scott has no regrets. This animation artist and 3D design teacher, originally from Phoenix, says Slovenians as a people are beautiful, loves the Soča River, and finds Maribor to be a progressive city.


Meet Makenna Smutz, an American in Slovenia

Makenna Smutz is a young American from Kansas on a gap year in Slovenia. Although taking a year off before going into higher education, Makenna feels she is doing something with her time and making the most of the life she has. Traveling the world she met Špela from Grosuplje, who then invited her to come to Slovenia. We met up with Makenna for an evening out in Ljubljana;)


Meet Matthew Charlesworth, an Australian in Slovenia

Thinking of starting a small business in Slovenia? What about a small craft brewery? Confidence and faith is what you need says Australian Matthew Charlesworth, the head of the family-owned Human Fish brewery. Arriving without any preconceptions of what Slovenians like he started making beer near Slovenj Gradec and then moved his brewery into an abandoned dairy in the centre of Vrhnika. Matthew has a van and spends his days delivering beer across the country. Traveling around he says Slovenia has a lot going for it and says he chooses to be in Slovenia.


Meet Mona Alexa, a Romanian in Slovenia

Meet Mona and her faithful dog Tasha! In search of a better life and in order to protect her pets Mona fled Bucharest and arrived in Slovenia a couple of years ago. Mona and her pets are now happy in Slovenia and call it home. Mona says Slovenia reminds her of Romania in the 80s and is happy to be surrounded by good people.


Land of Dreams Special (Best of...)

We go back memory lane to take a look at some of our guests and moments from our earlier shows... The Land of Dreams!


Meet Anton Ooms, a New Zealander in Slovenia

Meet Anton Ooms, a Kiwi, who feels at home in Europe. He moved from New Zealand to Holland when he was 21, and has been on the continent ever since. He decided to sell everything and move to Slovenia when he met his Slovene wife in Holland. Today he lives in Prebold, has a daughter, and a 1978 Chevy Camaro in the garage. Anton says “so far, so good”. But he does admit that Slovenia is not an easy place to get used to.

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