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Land of dreams

209 epizod

Land of dreams

209 epizod

An audio documentary presenting true stories about foreigners in Slovenia. We visit them, peek into their lives and daily routines. Take a different look at the people that have come from abroad! Has Slovenia fulfilled their expectations? Is it their land of dreams?


Meet Benjamin Ladraa, a Swede walking through Slovenia

A young Swedish activist, Benjamin Ladraa, has decided to quit his job, give a year of his life, and start walking from Sweden to Palestine! And right in the middle of his walk lies Slovenia! Benjamin is a man with a goal hoping for peace in the Middle East. But how have Slovenians welcomed him? What were his first impressions crossing into Slovenia and what has his experience so far been like? You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Tom Williams, an American in Slovenia

Tom Williams is an American from Hawaii living in Maribor. He's a freelance programmer, married to a Slovenian and a father of two. And while Slovenia may lack diversity, he says it does have great food and drinks. One thing he loves about Maribor is that it's a real sports town. Tom does not play the ukulele, but he does have a great Christmas story about how he ended up in Slovenia… ;) Tom's music choice: Keali‘i Reichel - "Kawaipunahele". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Joyitri Sarkar, an Indian in Slovenia

The smell of trees, mud and moisture… That's just one of the things Joyitri loves about living in Slovenia. Compared to her home town Kolkata, Slovenia is also clean, safe, and full of good wine, chocolate and cosmetics. We caught up with Joyitri, a PhD student in Maribor, just before flying back to India to get married:) Join us for a cup of tea with Joyitri and her Indian friend Pal at the Maribor student campus… Joyitri's music choice: Nusrat & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - "Mere Rashke Qamar". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Navid Ahmadsomali, an Iranian in Slovenia

Navid is happy to be in Slovenia, and happy to be in Maribor. He came to Slovenia as a refugee from Iran after a long and treacherous journey together with his young wife. His daughter was born in Ljubljana shortly after their arrival. Today Navid is an active young man, involved in cultural and cooking projects, is a master degree student in international management, and his favourite free-time activity is going to the gym! Navid's music choice: Mohsen Chavoshi - "Beraghsa". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Marta Berglez, a Brazilian in Slovenia

When a Brazilian met a Slovenian in Alaska… That's how Marta Berglez's story of coming to Slovenia begins… Marta is a Brazilian, spreading Brazil's culture and heritage in Slovenia. Marta says Slovenian men are good husbands, despite the fact that her husband works on a ship and spends much time away from home. Marta's daughter Nina goes to school in Ljubljana and already speaks three languages. Marta does miss the company of friends and family, the sea, certain Brazilian dishes… but on the day we visited her she did have the ingredients to make us some excellent Caipirinha;) Marta's music choice: Adriana Calcanhotto - "Cariocas". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Australian Neil Churches, the son of The Crow

Meet Australian Neil Churches, the son of »The Crow«. The Crow that was captured in WWII and held prisoner in Maribor between 1941-1944. The Crow that later staged the biggest escape of the 20th century. Neil is a frequent visitor to Slovenia, which he feels as his second home. His wish is to turn his father's escape route into an international walking trail for people to experience, see the beauties, and taste the generosity of Slovenia. Neil's music choice: The Beatles - "With A Little Help From My Friends". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ljubov Ignateva, a Russian in Slovenia

Ljubov (love) is in Slovenia. They call her Ljuba, and she comes from Russia. Ljuba is an EVS volunteer working in a children's adventure park in Maribor. She loves the Slovenian ice cream and bakeries, and is surprised how well Slovenians speak English. After spending a year in Slovenia, Ljuba says she would like to continue living abroad, anywhere and everywhere... Ljubov's music choice: Hurts - "Stay". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ahmed Lotfy, an Egyptian in Slovenia

Today in Land of Dreams: Ahmed previously worked as a diving instructor in Sharm el Sheikh, where he met Ana, a Slovenian on vacation in Egypt. The two went out one night, stayed in contact, visited each other, and are now living together in a village near Škofja Loka. In less than a year Ahmed Lotfy has successfully completed his Slovenian language course and found a job in Ljubljana. The rain scares him, he misses the Egyptian night life, but loves the Trojane doughnuts and Maribor football team... Meet Ahmed and his Slovene wife Ana, and join our tour of Radio Si:) Ahmed's music choice: Amr Diab - "Nour El Ein". You can listen to the full song here: You can also follow us on Facebook


Meet Jan Aigner, an Austrian in Slovenia

Jan Aigner is an Austrian celebrity chef who decided to move to Koper, Slovenia! And not only that, together with his partner Andrea, the two have also opened a restaurant! Living and working by the sea was their dream all along. They shared the same passion and now have their very own restaurant - Okus. Learn more about their story in the latest "Land of Dreams" episode! Jan's music choice: Seed - "Wonderful Life". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Mahmoud Kasabji, a Syrian in Slovenia

Mahmoud Kasabji and his son arrived from Syria as refugees two years ago. When they had to choose between Ljubljana and Maribor, they chose Maribor. Mahmoud works in an Arabic fast food restaurant called Levant, and his son M'hamed studies languages and would like to be an optrician. At the age of 57, Mahmoud's only wish in life is to give his children a good future and to live in peace. Mahmoud's music choise: Wafeek Habib - "7abat Al Toot". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Alejandra Ramos, a Mexican in Slovenia

Slovenia has changed Alejandra Ramos. She has become more active and more involved in outdoor activities, she travels and hikes more, and has also become a vegan while living in Slovenia. Alejandra Ramos is a Mexican from Acapulco living in Slovenia. She's a PhD math student at the University of Primorska in Koper, currently spending a semester in Ljubljana. Alejandra says she feels good and safe in Slovenia, and has the feeling that Slovenians really like Mexicans… Alejandra's music choise: Natalia Lafourcade - "Hasta la raíz". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Paul Veenvliet, a Dutchman in Slovenia

Paul Veenvliet is Dutch biologist offering wildlife trips in Slovenia! Paul says he has been in love with the great outdoors eversince he was a child. After meeting his Slovene wife he decided to move to Slovenia and has been here for 14 years now. He has two sons and lives in the Bloke Plateau. Paul is involved in numerous nature conservation and education projects. He stresses the importance of experiencing nature, in order to want to protect it. Find out more about the nature that surrounds you and join us one of his tours as we visit the springs of Lake Cerknica! You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Donathan Lawrence Brown, an American in Slovenia

Donathan Lawrence Brown is a young American in Europe, a Fulbright visitng professor in Maribor. Born and raised in Chicago, Donathan later moved to New York. He teaches about race in American politics and is currently teaching at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Maribor. So, is Slovenia on the map of American politics? Can Slovenia benefit from having the First Lady? Donathan says he's happy to have chosen to come to Maribor, a place off the beaten tourist track. He says he loves the old town charm, the slower pace of life and looks forward to discovering the region… You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Max Zimani, a Zimbabwean in Slovenia

Max Zimani is a Zimbabwean trying to make a positive change in Slovenia. Max first came to Ljubljana as a student 33 years ago. Today he is a father of four, a restaurant manager, a musician and an activist helping migrants in Slovenia. He's part of the Skuhna social business and the Zavod Global education institute, through which he strives to help Slovenia make the shift towards a more positive and open society… You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Istvan Kovacs, a Hungarian in Slovenia

Istvan Kovacs is a mathematician who prior to coming here had never been in Slovenia before and had only seen the sea once in his life. He had no idea what to expect coming to Slovenia. Together with his wife they packed everything they had and moved their home from Hungary to the Slovenian coast. Today, Istvan Kovacs is a Hungarian living by the sea! He works at the University of Primorska in Koper and lives in Izola. Istvan loves the sea colours, the air, the wind and the Mediterranean way of life. You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Claudio, an Italian, and Dagmar, an Austrian, in Slovenia

Claudio Carletti is an Italian volleyball player finishing his professional career in Maribor. We met up with him and his Austrian partner Dagmar on a sunny day in Maribor. In the six months they have lived here they have nothing but compliments for Slovenia, its people and food:) Cladio has no regrets about coming to play and finishing his career in Maribor. He says that's the beauty of sport – you never know where you're going to end up… You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Anthony Bruno, a Nigerian in Slovenia

Anthony Bruno is a Nigerian living in Slovenia. In the two years he has been here he has lived in Ljubljana, Stična, Maribor and now Postojna! Using his own talents Bruno connects investors, businessmen and football scouts from Slovenia and Nigeria. Prior to coming here he worked in the UK for ten years, but once he set foot in Slovenia he made a decision to remain in Slovenia. He says it is here that he discovered that apart from work there is also life. Today with his Slovenian wife he has a company importing African drinks. The two also have a daughter, and Bruno's dream is to one day live in the Slovenian countryside and have is own tomatoes and chicken;) You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Niels Barends, a Dutchman in Slovenia

Niels Barends is a psychologist from Amsterdam who lives in Slovenia. Niels has been here for more than two years now, he came because of a Slovenian lady, and his plan is to keep on living in Ljubljana for as long as he's alive. He decided to start making a living by opening his own psychology practice. Most of his patients are expats living in Slovenia, and so we asked him about the issues foreigners face here. A free session with some expat counseling by Niels Barends in today's Land of Dreams. You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Natalie Nicholls, an English woman in Slovenia

Meet Natalie Nicholls, a British native speaker living and working in Koper! She came to Slovenia at the age of 18, not because of love, but in search of work and new experiences. Today she has her own language school, three children, a husband, and a dog! She loves teaching, the sunny weather on the coast, likes to go back to England, but says she feels at home in Koper. You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Mark Volcansek, a Canadian in Slovenia

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Land of Dreams from the heart of bear country, and ice skating on a frozen river! Meet Mark Volcansek, a Canadian living in Kočevje. Mark's father and mother, originally from Brežice, immigrated to Canada in the 1960s. As the youngest of four children Mark decided to make the journey back to Slovenia. Today he has a Slovenian wife and daughter, all happily living in Kočevje.

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