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My life, my music

244 epizod

My life, my music

244 epizod

Today’s journalism rarely offers a chance to get behind the face of many people in our society. My Life, My Music offers conversations that allow time to understand how the guest has reached their goals and what is important to them. Along with 8 tracks of music chosen by the guest the programme takes a journey though many different personal philosophies with inspirational guests from all walks of life.


Charlie Butter Fly

Charlie Butter Fly has been on the Slovene music scene for a few years now but since the recent release of their video and a number of well received performances they are become rather well known. I felt that it was time to discover some more about them and what makes this band work. They have some classic bands as inspirations so this show is not only fun but it includes nothing but great music AND that includes their tracks too!


Susie Dent

Susie Dent is a lexicographer, that is she works with words. In English, German and French, now that is something special. Susie is also well known in the UK for her television appearances on Countdown as a wordsmith and general contributor to this very entertaining show. She was visiting Slovenia as a guest speaker at the recent Media Marketing conference SEMPL held in Portorož. It seemed a great opportunity to talk with someone from my homeland. She brings some great music to the show as well.


Matic Ačko

The initial reason to invite Matic Ačko to the show was I had been informed that he was involved in slam poetry. What’s that? I didn’t know either. In fact its been around for quite a while and has become quite popular around Slovenia. Matic also plays in a band, so has some great music to share as well. Find out about poetry, music, architecture and much more in this interesting conversation.


Oliver Vodeb

Oliver Vodeb believes that the economic model that most companies use is less than perfect. Indeed he is firmly of the belief that ALL companies should consider that a significant part of their focus should be for the benefit of citizens and the survival of the world around us. Shareholders and profit should no longer be the sole focus. He also offers some music that you probably have not heard before, unless you are Australian that is!


Alec Templeton

There are several choices when it comes to your child's education so I am always interested to discover what is happening around Europe in the area of primary education. Alec Templeton has been brought up and lived in many different countries and so has a unique insight into this issue both as a child and as a teacher of children and teachers. Some valuable thoughts are here!


Valerija Prevolšek

As a director of MediaPool, Valerija Prevolšek has great experience of marketing and media. This November marks the 19th SEMPL conference which brings speakers and experts from all over the world to Slovenia so I thought it would be interesting to bring Valerija into the studio to find out what's behind this successful annual event. She also offers some great music choices too!


Mojca Jug

Mojca Jug is a Theatre Producer with the Bunker in Ljubljana. It's the NGO that organises so many festivals and events to promote music from all around Europe whilst offering many opportunities for both well-known and less well-known Slovene artists to discover more about performing and networking. Much of what she is involved in showcases at the Old Power Station in Ljubljana where music, theatre and other events take place all year round. Like many of her audience members she introduces artists I have never heard of and which I'm very happy to have discovered. This show is no exception, hopefully you will discover some new music that will inspire you.


Tereza Misu

We all have to eat but all to often we don't really pay attention to what the food we eat is doing to us. My guest this week has come to pay special attention to what she and her partner eats for very special health reasons. She has her own TV show iin New Zealand and travels offering others advice though cookery workshops. This is a really inspirational story of surviving a major life problem and Teresa offers some really great music too. By the way she is originally from Slovenia.


Dave Birss

A large part of the career of Dave Birss was as creative director in some of the biggest and best advertising agencies in the UK. Now he is breaking myths about creativity with the aim of individuals learning new skills, and companies beginning to think differently to achieve better results. I caught up with him on his trip to Ljubljana to give a talk on just that. He is a musician too so you can be sure of some great tracks in the show.


Violeta Bulc

If you ever really wanted to know what goes on at the European Commission then go no further that my guest this week, European Commissioner for Slovenia, Violeta Bulc. Moving from being a successful entrepreneur in America she came back to Slovenia to make a difference. It is impossible not to get excited by her enthusiasm for the European Union. She also offers some great music tracks that highlight various parts of her journey.


Igor Akrapovič

There cannot be many people who have not heard of Igor Akrapovic. The boy who at a very early life became so keen on motorcycles that as soon as he was big enough to ride he borrowed his brothers motor bike and then as soon as he could afford it went on to become a successful racer. Of course it led to the world renown company that makes exhaust systems for most of the racing teams and also sport models of many great cars too. It’s a fascinating story and he tells it with great enthusiasm and offers us some good music too.


Colin Hutchinson

The Petišovci gas project on the borders with Hungary and Croatia is a project that many here are aware of but maybe not all the fine detail about exactly what is involved. I invited the CEO of Ascent Resources to join me in the studio to explain. He brings some pretty good music too!


Zsofi Klacmann

Zsofi Klacmann really respects her profession and also her cello. Coming from Hungary she has been working at Maribor SNG for 10 years now and also loves teaching young children. Her story is fascinating and she has chosen some beautiful music to illustrate it.


Emily Venables

This week I discover an oceanographer working here in Slovenia on behalf of the Scottish Association for Marine Science. Emily Venables and a colleague was taking samples of water from all around the Mediterranean as the start of a project to examine the water temperatures and other qualities, something she has done all around the world. Perhaps her most interesting work has been carried out in the Arctic and Antarctic regions but I also discovered that as a keen mountaineer she spent some time on Triglav last year.


Luka šulic

2CELLOS have made some amazing achievements over the past few years and it was a pleasure to welcome Luka to the studio. He clearly loves every part of what he does and is very respectful of the success they have have achieved from the YouTube beginnings and the time spent with Elton John to the present shows. They offer great entertainment and its easy to see why audiences love their shows. He also speaks about his day to come with Godalkanje and Bojan Cvetrežnik which will be on the 5th May in Ljubljana. More details at


Luka Topolovec

Luka Topolovec is the CEO of a young company and has operations in Slovenia and London. This is the story of his passion for the work and why he and his colleages have had such great success. It also talks of doing business in the UK and looks at the possible implications of forthcoming changes within the European Union. Plenty of good music too!


Branko Lobnikar

Branko Lobnikar is an inspiring and fascinating speaker. Hardy surprising as he is very experienced as a lecturer at Ljubljana University, Faculty of Justice and Security. Of course that’s what makes him so interesting as security in the real world and more importantly on the internet is vital to us all. He also brings a great range of music to the programme.


Simon Krečič

Today’s journalism rarely offers a chance to get behind the face of many people in our society. My Life, My Music offers conversations that allow time to understand how the guest has reached their goals and what is important to them. Along with 8 tracks of music chosen by the guest the programme takes a journey though many different personal philosophies with inspirational guests from all walks of life.



To say Marko Vezovišek is a writer and musician tells only a small part of his story. Since the late 70's he has produced musicals, music from Punk to Ska and New Wave and also writes and acts in films. His stories are full of varying points of view, often political and even, or should I say especially, sexy. Some great entertainment here and a range of music through the history of this land.


Matej Patljak

Going to the films is something most of us do, but most will drive to a big screen in a big city. Matej Patljak has a different idea, that it would be great to see the movie in your home town, even if the venue is small it offers something special for the locals, This story of achievement over personal troubles is inspirational and shows just how someone with a big dream can make a difference to the society around them.

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