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My life, my music

244 epizod

My life, my music

244 epizod

Today’s journalism rarely offers a chance to get behind the face of many people in our society. My Life, My Music offers conversations that allow time to understand how the guest has reached their goals and what is important to them. Along with 8 tracks of music chosen by the guest the programme takes a journey though many different personal philosophies with inspirational guests from all walks of life.


Bianca Baldi

Artist Bianca Baldi was invited to Slovenia by the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana so I was very interested to go along and find out what she had to say about Slovenia and also South Africa. She brought some great music too!


Photographer Ivan Dvoršak

Ivan Dvoršak was well known as a graphic artist and photographer. As a member of the Fotoklub Maribor he was much respected for his images of the city and it's people, but in imaginative ways. Reflective water, everyday structures and even the effect of the people who changed the image but never even appeared in them. Through the eyes of Andreja Borin, curator at the Maribor Art Gallery we hear a story uncovered by 2 years of research with his friends and family and of course a deep understanding of his many images. An exhibition of the work of Ivan Dvoršak can be seen at the Ljubljana gallery of Modern Art until 22nd of May 2016


Tomaž O Rous

Tomaž O Rous from Siddarta really cares about music. This band has obviously reached the stage where everyone knows there place and it works as a team, including all the technical folk too. Tomaž has another side too, his sports are those which demand total concentration or the results could be fatal. Find out by listening to this show, and enjoy some great music.


Vocal Harmony Group - Vox Arsana

If you love smooth jazz and better still vocal hamony then Vox Arsana are definitely for you. They have been around for some years but with some recent line-up changes and a new CD recorded with the RTV Big Band there is something to shout about. An interesting story of commitment to music and some great tracks make this a don't miss show.


Jurij Drevensek

Actor Jure Drevenšek may be quite young but he has already made quite a name for himself. Not only on the national stages of Maribor and Ljubljana but in films and on television and also performing in his one-man show with his much loved guitar. He is really easy to get along with and is totally commited to his arts, quite an inspiratio. There is some great music in this show so don not miss it.


Igor Gligorov

If you think the days of vinyl are over, think again. many DJs and audiophiles have never dropped the humble record but today more and more people are returning to the disc, particularly the LP, as they feel the process of buying, owning and the act of playing music from a real analogue recording brings them closer to the music. Serbian engineer and artist Igor Gligorov has brought together excellence of design and something beautiful to look at, but not just that he really loves music and that is the highlight of this show, some really special tracks along with his inspirational ideas.


HELP Tribute Band

If you remember the Beatles it's time to relive, or if you are a bit younger discover, their music perfectly recreated by the HELP Tribute Band. These guys have to be seen live because attention to detail is the key. The right clothes, the right hair, the right instruments, but most of all endless practice that results in the right sound. Don't miss this show!


Pedadgogue - Martin Baker

Martin Baker has spent most of his working life in teaching children. Initially he worked in a public school in the UK but was never entirely happy with the way the children were taught. For the last 15 years he has taught in many places around the world and has strong views about the right way to ecourage children to gain a broad education. The Waldorf system is his answer and her has much experience for us to learn from.


Anesta Barnett

Annesta Barnett has lived in Slovenia for 6 years and already has a great network of followers. Her outlook is very positive and her knowledge of the Slovene language means she can fully integrate with work and her social life. Her story of learning Japamese out of respect for that country is also inspirational. She brings a breath of fresh air to our conversation and introduces music from Sri Lanka (her country of origin), Japan, Slovenia, Spain and India, and more!


Musician - Valentina Čuden

Valentina Čuden loves singing and performing and her range is amazing. From opera to jazz she takes it all in her stride. Is she ever nervous? Maybe, but the moment she steps on the stage she is at home, even if something goes wrong, 'It's OK, it's what we do' she says. It is obviously all in a days work. As a member of the audience she always leaves you with that great feeling that you have just seen, and heard, something special.


Palestinian Ambassador H.E. Salah Abdel Shafi

His Excellency Salah Abdel Shafi is a very interesting man and as you would expect from an ambassador he offers clear explanations of his knowledge on world affairs. Here are some very valuable explanations of what it is like living in their home land and, for many, how it feels not to be able to live there. He also speaks clearly about the background to much of the strife in the Middle East.


Lousewies van der Laan

Dutch politician Lousewies van der Laan is something special, here is someone who cares deeply about those she represents, there's no other agenda. Whats more as a citizen of Slovenia she brings her unique snd wide experience of the politics of the European Union and can talk very clearly about what should matter to us all. Some great music too. Listen with care!


Music Teacher - Samuel Gustavsson

Samuel came from Sweden and like many ended up staying here, having got married and finding a perfect job as a teacher at the British International School of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Now he heads the music section, the British International Music School and this year they opened their internal composing competition to the whole of the country. There's much more to discover in this show, much of the music features his trumpet playing as part of many Scandinavian bands and he even has his own method of notating music which allows students to play along in just a few lessons. There are many inspirations here!


Musician - Tinkara Kovač

Recording this show was a real pleasure. Tnkara has such a gentle voice and is very confident with her views about the music industry. She has some very positive things to say about her experience of Eurovision and she also reveals the title of an upcoming album for the first. Enjoy some great songs and co-operations.


Indian Artist - Sharmila Mohandras

Sharmila was invited to Slovenia to produce an exhibition of her paintings in Celje. Her work illustrates the struggles of women with their own emotions and their relationships with the society around them. It is impossible to look at her paintings without forming a view of what is happening to the subject. The discussion in this show revolves around this artistic presentation of human feelings and Sharmila's love of travel and meeting new cultures. The exhibition of "I need to be alone" opens in Kvartina Hiša in Celje on 22nd October and runs until 15th November.


American Ambassador H.E. Brent Hartley

This week I have the pleasure of welcoming the American Ambassador H.E. Mr Brent R Hartley and his wife Elizabeth to the My Life Studio. Our conversation makes clear their values in their work and indeed to each other as travelling the world must make a great demands on family life. Slovenia, Europe and issues in America are all included along with some very beautiful music.


Heather Pirjevec

Heather Pirjevec is a well-loved member of the Radio Si team and listeners all across Slovenia have considered her a regular part of their homes, via the radio. After 20 years of being part of this very special team she has decided to retire and make room for fresh blood. She has plenty to say and some unusual music to accompany the conversation. Best wishes Heather!


Scout Leader - Eva Bolha

The Scouting Association has been around a long time and still today its primary objective remains the same. Indeed manyof their activities are no different. The International Commisioner of the Slovene Scouting Association is Eva Bolha and when I heard of their recent vsit to a jamboree in Japan I thought it was just the perfect time to discuss scouting with her.


Peter Kranjc

Peter Kranjc loves his job, he respects his colleagues and knows how to find compromises. What else would you expect from an experienced stage manager in such a prestigous place as SNG Maribor? The arts are part of his life so expect some great stories and some powerful and emotional music.


Matej Horvat

When it comes to being enthusiastic about the power of music it's hard to beat the members of Siti Hlapcic and the guest in this show is certainly in agreement as he is their drummer best known as Mato. A love of the dums and Reggae in particular makes this a great show with some great music.

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