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Janez Janša and Boruh Pahor. Foto: BoBo


Janša has one week to accept the nomination for Prime Minister-designate

There is still no majority support for nominating a Primer Minister-designate
12. July 2018 ob 22:30
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The President of Slovenia Borut Pahor met with the SDS Party president Janez Janša an offered him a Prime Minister-designate nomination. Janša has one week to decide whether to accept or decline the nomination.

The President Borut Pahor has offered the winner of the general elections, SDS Party president Janez Janša, to accept the Prime Minister-designate nomination to form a new government. Janša has until next Thursday to accept the nomination or to decline it.

The President of Slovenia has asked the presidents of other Parties to choose the talks and the engagement, even if they don’t end up picking this coalition or the other one. The culture of dialogue has to prevail because it leads to tolerantly seeking crucial solutions, the President added. Otherwise, intolerance and exclusion would, to our great misfortune, prevail and we do not deserve that, he said.

“If Janša succeeds in putting together the government, it would mean two things. Firstly, that it has finally come to the negotiations on the basis of common positions, which benefit the majority. Secondly, it was necessary to adopt those mutual assurances about the avoidance of left and right extremes, otherwise, it would never come to such an agreement”, said Pahor.

Janša predicted he would send out an invitation for organized informal talks to all parties on Thursday (today). The invitation would be public, for everybody to read, he pointed out. He would wait until Monday before the talks start, and that is because of the negotiations with Marjan Šarec List. Then SDS would check if readiness to cooperate even exist, and if it does, the Party would continue to check whether there is a possibility of a similar look at the key challenges. Both conditions would have to be fulfilled with much more than 46 votes because there is no point in putting together a government with only one vote of the majority, said Janša. And only then the actual coalition negotiations about the content would actually begin, he announced.

G. C.; Al. Ma., translated by K. Sm.
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