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Old bridge. Foto: MMC RTV SLO/Danijel Poslek


Old bridge in Ptuj to remain closed at least until September

Infrastructure minister visited renovation site on Friday
13. January 2018 ob 06:48

The renovation of the old bridge across the Drava River in Ptuj is going according to plans. This also means that it will be closed for traffic for at least another eight months, even though the residents of Ptuj and nearby settlements would like to see it open as soon as possible. However, the contractors reiterated that it is not faster.

It's been more than six months since the old bridge in Ptuj was completely closed to all traffic. Most of the work so far has taken place inside the bridge, explained Bogdan Rojs from Pomgrad. On Friday, the Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič visited the renovation site and assured that all work was going according to plans.

It is always a question whether or not the renovation could be finished sooner than planned - the deadline for completion is in late September. "If by that you mean this June, it is not possible. It might be possible to shorten it by about a month – perhaps the bridge could be open on the first school day on 1st September or something like that," says Royce.

More about the possibility of an early opening of the bridge will be known in the spring.

Danijel Poslek, Radio Slovenija; translated by K. Z.