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Slovenia started implementation of the arbitration tribunal's ruling. Foto: BoBo


Šefic: Three Croatian fishing vessels with police escort have entered the Slovenian sea

31. December 2017 ob 06:29
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

It has been half a year ago since the arbitration tribunal's ruling on the border between Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia started its implementation on Saturday, while Croatia continues to reject it. Enforcement of legislation is crucial in case the dispute is later brought to international institutions again.

Interior Ministry State Secretary Boštjan Šefic told in a statement to the media that just before seven o'clock in the morning, three Croatian fishing vessels, accompanied by Croatian police boats, entered the Slovenian sea. The Slovenian police have warned the vessels that they have illegally crossed the state border and are in the offense, adding and that the police would carry out appropriate procedures for a criminal offence, Šefic explained in a press statement when visiting Koper.

The incident has also been documented and based on this, the police will perform all the necessary activities. Later, another ship entered the Slovenian sea, but according to the findings of Slovenian authorities, this was due to a breakdown of one of the Croatian fishing boats. "Later on, the situation at Slovenian sea was calm, and at this moment everything is normal," emphasized the state secretary.

At the same time, Šefic stressed that the Slovenian state authorities control the entire Slovenian sea and have the situation "completely under control". Unfortunately, incidents or, rather, offences still take place. "We will do everything to prevent this from happening but if it does we will, of course, act in accordance with the law and also issue fines," he added.

Al. Ma., MMC; translated by K. Z.
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