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Rudno polje in snow. Photo: Slovenian Environment Agency


Snow covers the uplands, a warning of heavy rain for low lying areas

We can expect up to 80 litres of rain per square metre
6. November 2017 ob 11:08
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Around 50cm of snow fell last night on the Kanin Mountain. Kredarica received 25cm, Vogel 13cm and Vršič 12cm, the Environmental Agency reported. It also issued a heavy rain warning and forecast cooler temperatures.

As meteorologists had forecast, the rain intensified and spread across Slovenia last night. Heavy rainfall can be expected mainly in southern and western Slovenia. There could be between 50cm and 80cm of rain per square metre, in some places even more. On Sunday evening meteorologists at the Environmental Agency warned that the water levels of small rivers and torrents could rise.

Last night and this morning the snow line fell to 800 metres primarily in the northwest of the country. Hills and mountains are already covered with snow. The most snow fell at Kanin (50cm), while Kredarica had 25cm, Vogel 13cm and Vršič 12cm.

Rainy Tuesday
The snow line will be between 700 and 1100 meters above sea level the whole day today. There will be northerly and northeasterly winds, with the bora blowing in the Primorska region. Temperatures will range between 3°C and 7°C, around 12°C in the Primorska region. Similar weather can be expected on Tuesday.

T. K. B., MMC; translated by A. L.