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As a student of geography and ethnology he took advantage of the Erasmus program and used 23 air tickets this year. Foto: Osebni arhiv/Urban Mislej


Student Urban Mislej has travelled 2.5 times around the world

As a student of geography and ethnology he took advantage of the Erasmus program and used 23 air tickets this year
10. November 2018 ob 17:30

How to study ethnology and geography on the terrain? Urban Mislej, known by the media as a long-distance hitchhiker, knows the answer. In his extra study year, he took advantage of less well-known scholarship opportunities abroad and walked across several continents.

The young student from Postojna has bought (and used) 23 airline tickets this year. At the end of the year, he will have approached the distance of 100,000 km, that is, two and a half times around the world. He tells us about his adventures with a relaxed nonchalance, which you probably get used to if the world seems like a pleasant walkway.

Mislej - as a true millennial - documents his journey on social networks, where he publishes photographs and videos, as well as short snapshots. For example, this is how he describes the journey through the Kazakh Steppe: "Yesterday I experienced the most terrible ride in my life. 9 hours and 450 kilometres on a macadam road across the dry steppe. I was trying to hitch a ride for one hour and five cars passed by. The last stopped and the driver yelled at me if I wanted to die. He put me on an improvised bus (here, they always drive in a convoy of four, it shows how dangerous it is). I soon got a taste of the dry steppe. In nine hours, four cars passed by (according to locals, driven by "suicides") and three trucks. There was not even one gas station on the way, let alone a settlement, and only a few lonely graves. I had experienced a real free fall due to holes, a couple of glass panes broke due to friction, the roof kept opening due to draft, the dust kept lifting from the chassis. Let's not talk about the fact that I also got a fever. "

For his study visits abroad, Misley used the Erasmus program, which has many forms, although most students only know the typical semester-abroad programme.

Ivana Zajc, Radio Koper; translated by K. Z.
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