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Trees and power lines crumble under the weight of snow; high avalanche risk in the mountains

4. February 2018 ob 07:38
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Snowfall – which had been causing quite a lot of trouble to drivers and on-duty services for two days – stopped, leaving behind many fallen trees and still ongoing problems with electricity supply in some areas.

The worst affected have been a few areas supplied by Elektro Ljubljana. The number of users without electricity rose to more than 4,000 on Saturday morning, and around a thousand households were still without it on Saturday evening, while Elektro Primorska reported around 1,800 customers without electricity during the day.

Problems also in ski resorts
According to the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, about 70 centimetres of snow were recorded in western Slovenia at an altitude of 1000 metres in 36 hours.
Massive snowfall has also caused problems for operators of Slovenian ski resorts. On Saturday, the ski resort of Soriška planina was closed due to an avalanche. Also due to weather conditions, the Stari vrh ski resort was not open. Some of the devices did not operate on Vogel and Krvavec because of snow or mist, and a ski bus to Pokljuka was cancelled on Saturday due to the abundance of snow on the road.

Less precipitation, snow will remain
Snow will not melt in the lowlands for at least 14 days. The next days will be colder, with temperatures mostly below the freezing point or up to a few degrees above it. In the coming days, another snowfall is forecast, but most likely much weaker.

No mountaineering!
The Environmental Agency has also advised against visiting the mountains. The situation is very dangerous due to mist, heavy snow, new snowfall and current bad weather and precipitation. There is also a high risk of avalanches. Snow is mostly poorly attached to the ground, and under 1000 metres spontaneous triggering of individual avalanches is possible, especially on steep, grassy slopes that had not been covered in snow before the snowfall.

T. H., MMC; translated by K. Z.
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