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Study abroad

202 epizod

Study abroad

202 epizod

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to pr@radiosi.eu and maybe you are our next guest.


STUDY ABROAD: Zeren says she will most likely not return to Slovenia, but not because she would not want to (20.11.2021)

Zeren says one of the hardest things for Turkish nationals is obtaining a visa, especially for going to Europe. The Turkish exchange student says it took her 5 months to obtain the documents she needed for her studies in Ljubljana. She chose to play Follow You by Imagine Dragons.


STUDY ABROAD: Martin says if at first you don’t succeed, try again later! (13.12.2021)

On his first attempt to apply for an exchange in Maribor, Martin failed to get enough points on the English exam of his home faculty in Montpellier. In his second attempt, he applied for an exchange in Ljubljana, but didn’t need to take a test, as he received a recommendation letter from one of his professors, saying that his command of English was satisfactory. He has now spent a few months in Ljubljana and has learned a couple of Slovene words along the way. His song of choice is titled Y'a pas de metro a Perpignan and is sung by the French actress and singer Charlotte Julian.


STUDY ABROAD: Raphael says he’s noticed something odd while biking around in Ljubljana (06.12.2021)

Cycling is more than common in the Netherlands, that’s a well known fact. Which is why Raphael takes the bike everywhere in Ljubljana. But he says he’s noticed one rather unusual thing. In his experience, Slovenians seem to favor going to the left instead of to the right when meeting cyclists even though we drive on the right. For more on his studies in Ljubljana, listen to the episode above. His song of choice was Bongo Bong by Manu Chao.


STUDY ABROAD: Evi says that apart from getting used to the difference in greeting people, it was easy to adjust to life in Ljubljana. (29.11.2021)

The only thing Evi says she found slightly awkward to get used to in Slovenia is greeting people. In Belgium, people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and it’s not really like that in Slovenia. She chose to play the song Alors on danse by Belgian musician, rapper, singer and songwriter Stromae.


STUDY ABROAD: Sankalp says good people can be found everywhere, so people should give others a chance before passing judgement (22.11.2021)

Sankalp says there are huge differences between life in Maribor and New Delhi. Among the most notable is the fact that in India you get practically anything delivered to your home. This also includes things you forget in restaurants. His song of choice was STAY by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.


STUDY ABROAD: Guilherme says the biggest shock for him was that in Koper scooters often drive on the sidewalks (25.10.2021)

The Portuguese student of psychology says that unlike in Koper, pedestrians in Lisbon would very quickly and clearly tell these motorcyclists just what they thought about that kind of behavior. Guilherme chose to play the song A Minha Casinha by Xutos & Pontapés.


STUDY ABROAD: Aya says foreigners often mistakenly think Egyptians are arguing about something because of how loudly they talk (18.10.2021)

Aya is a civil engineering student who spent the past academic year in Maribor. She adds that it’s well-known Egyptians like to tell a lot of jokes. She chose to play the French-Arabic song YA HABIBI by Mohamed Ramadan & Gims.


STUDY ABROAD: Gabin is a French student of history who says his Erasmus experience made him more confident (11.10.2021)

Gabin is a French student who says he didn't know anything about Slovenia before he chose to spend his exchange here. The 19-year-old now says he will return back home more confident after spending a semester in Koper. He claims that after you have spent a couple of months in a country where you don't speak the language, when the time comes to return home, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. He chose to play the song L’aventurier by the French rock band Indochine.


STUDY ABROAD: Sham says the hardest to get used to in Maribor was the responsibility of suddenly having to take care of everything on her own (27.09.2021)

Sham says that what missed the most in Maribor were Egyptian and Syrian dishes, especially shawerma. In Slovenia, it's called jufka, but Sham says it is completely different from the shawerma she is used to. She chose to play the song 3 Daqat by Abu Ft. Yousra.


STUDY ABROAD: Ana Carolina is a student from Portugal who is studying in Koper (20.09.2021)

Ana Carolina is a Portuguese student who says she did not expect Koper to be so small, but also notes that she likes how connected the local community there is. Her song of choice was Noites de Luar by TinTuna.


STUDY ABROAD: Salma is a student from Egypt who liked Maribor so much that she spent the whole of last year here (13.09.2021)

Salma says one of the most common misconceptions she has heard about Egypt is that they think they live in the desert which is not true. Another is that that people think Egypt has only 3 pyramids. More than 100 have actually been identified there.W She chose to play the song Sahran by Amr Diab.


STUDY ABROAD: Audrey says the lockdown taught her to appreciate the little things in life (09.08.2021)

We this time sat down with Audrey, a student from France, who said the hardest thing she had to get used to in Ljubljana was that Slovenians start the day an hour earlier than the French do. She chose to play the song Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen since she says it speaks to how she feels at the end of her Erasmus experience.


STUDY ABROAD: Lina spent a semester in Maribor and now likes it there so much, she would consider moving there (02.08.2021)

Lina knew that she wanted to travel after high school. However, she did not know that life would take her from Cairo to Maribor. After spending a semester in Maribor, she found she liked the quiet life there so much that she wants to return to Slovenia and find a job in the Styrian capital. She chose to play a song by Amr Diab titled El Gaw Gameel, whcih translates to “The weather is beautiful”.


STUDY ABROAD: Teodora is a doctoral student from Serbia who decided to spend her exchange in Ljubljana on the recommendation of friends (26.07.2021)

Teodora says she was most surprised by the high rental prices and the fact that the shops are not open on Sundays. Her song of choice was the song titled Ljubljana by Glass Caves.


STUDY ABROAD: Kevin comes from the city of Pforzheim, also known as the Golden City (19.07.2021)

The engineering and business student had planned to spend his exchange in Mexico, but Covid-19 thwarted his plans, so he ended up in Slovenia. He chose to play the song Ticket by Seed.


STUDY ABROAD: Out of all the Slovenian dialects, Monika likes the Prekmurje dialect the best (12.07.2021)

There are probably not many foreign students who fall in love with the Slovenian language so hard that they come here to study. There are even fewer who listen to Niko Zorjan and want to visit Murska Sobota, because of all the Slovenian dialects, the Prekmurje dialect is their favorite. Monica is one of those. The Serbian exchange student chose to play the song Let it go.


STUDY ABROAD: Emanuele will teach you two ways to say "I love you" in Italian (05.07.2021)

Despite coming from Slovenia's western neighbor, Emanuele says that before he came to Slovenia, he knew very little about the country. When he was offered an Erasmus exchange spot in Slovenia, he quickly googled Ljubljana, saw the Dragon Bridge and immediately fell in love with the city. His music of choice was the song Albachiara by Vasco Rossi.


STUDY ABROAD: If you see a biker with an orange helmet driving a white and blue BMW then there’s a chance his name is Moritz (28.06.2021)

One lesson Moritz says he learned during the pandemic is that there’s no point in waiting for the perfect time to do something because you never know when a new pandemic might be just around the corner. When he came to Slovenia, prices of gasoline were at a record low. Because of this, he was looking forward to all the places he would be able to travel to with his motorbike. The prices of gasoline have since jumped up by more than 20%. The German exchange student says that because of this, he has had to re-examine his plans a bit, adding that in the end, nothing would stop him from traveling with his motorbike. Not the pandemic and certainly not the prices of gasoline. He chose to play the song Faster by Within Temptation.


STUDY ABROAD: Diane Stephanie says something people do not know about France is that the French did not invent the French kiss (21.06.2021)

One of the things Diane Stephanie says she misses most in Slovenia is of course her family and friends, but also French food, especially baguettes. She notes she had tried to get used to Slovenian food. So far, she’s tried potica and some white powdery dish that she couldn’t remember the name of. Do you know what it was? Listen to the interview and try to figure it out! She chose to play the song You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry because it featured in Pulp Fiction and it always makes her want to dance.


STUDY ABROAD: Willi is a German student who loves to play football with Slovenians in Tivoli (14.06.2021)

The 24-year-old student of politics and economics of Eastern Europe says he never thought his generation would ever want to throw their computers against a wall out of frustration from distance-learning. He chose to play the song exile by Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

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