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Study abroad

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Study abroad

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We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to pr@radiosi.eu and maybe you are our next guest.



Unlike most students, Jonasz did not want to spend his Erasmus in Spain, France, or Portugal. As a child he spent a few days in the Julian Alps. This left such an impression on him, that he decided he wanted to come and live in Slovenia for a few months at one point in his life, so when he got an opportunity to spend his Erasmus in Slovenia, he took it. His music choice was Czesław Niemen's 1967-piece Dziwny jest ten świat (Strange is this World), commonly acknowledged to be the most important Polish protest song of that era. One of the first Polish performers to wear colorful clothes and long hair, Niemen introduced the style of psychedelia to then-communist Poland.



Nadica chose to study in Slovenia for three reasons. The first was the nature in Slovenia, the second reason was that she wanted to go study outside her own country and the third was the study system and opportunities she believes it offers its students. The informatics student from the Republic of North Macedonia used to be part of a folklore dance group, so she tried learning some Slovenian traditional dances as well. She finds them just as fast but a bit less complex than the Macedonian ones. For her music choice, she chose to play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.



Did you know that entry to some museums in Ljubljana is free of charge every first Sunday of the month? Ksenia says that despite being the smallest of the cities she has studied in so far, Ljubljana has a lot to offer – nature, helpful people, parties and lots of other things to do and see. For her music choice, she chose to play Donde Estas Yolanda by Pink Martini.



People sometimes joke drinking is a national sport in Slovenia. Our newest guest Rossane thinks there might be a grain of truth to that. The Erasmus student from the Netherlands says she was surprised by the amount of parties and drinking culture in Maribor. What else did she perceive as different when compared to the Netherlands? Listen and find out! Her music choice was Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.



Muhammet decided to spend his Erasmus in Koper because it was located at the seaside. He said it reminded him a lot of his home university city, Izmir as well as the city he was born in, Mersin. They are all relatively small, coastal cities with beautiful mountains and lots of opportunities to enjoy life. His music choice was Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys.



Mihail is a student of medicine, who spent 3 months doing an internship at the University Medical Centre in Maribor. Our newest Study Abroad guest says what he misses most from Belgium is fries and chocolate. His music choice was Leave a Light On by Tom Walker.



Did you know? On New Year’s Eve, young people in Italy welcome in the New Year together with their families and only then, around 1 AM do they go hang out with their peers at discos or night clubs! For more on Christmas traditions in Italy and how our newest Study Abroad guest Manuel has gotten used to life in Koper, listen to the latest episode of Study Abroad. His music choice was the song Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes & Zedd.



Since Serbia is mostly Orthodox, Christmas there is celebrated on January 7th, but Dušan says that that's about the only difference. What he did notice, however, is that people in Slovenia often complain that Christmas lights are put up as soon as November in some places. In Belgrade, they’re apparently set up as early as September! Dušan says one of the reasons he decided to spend his Erasmus in Koper was that he wanted to experience living at the seaside during winter. What does he think now his wish has become reality? His music choice was a song called Then by Anne-Marie.


STUDY ABROAD: Katsiaryna

Pre-exam exams? Post soviet style professors? Ever wondered if there’s any difference between studying in Koper, in Belarus, and Poland? Meet Katerina. She chose to spend her third Erasmus at the Faculty of Management in Koper because of the Slavic culture and coastal climate. What surprised her, was that we were "less Slavic" than she expected and that the Slovene language wasn’t quite as easy to understand as she thought it would be. Her music choice was a song called Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers.


STUDY ABROAD: Kuba & Filip

Our newest episode of Study Abroad features not one but two guests from Poland. After Kuba and Filip applied for their Erasmus at the University in Ljubljana, they found out their faculty was not based in Ljubljana, but Portorož. So, they decided to stay in Koper and drive to Portorož for lectures. Their music choice was a song titled Ściernisco, by a polish band Golec uOrkiestra, which they say is again starting to get popular in Poland, despite the fact the song was released in 2000.



Why doesn't this week's Study Abroad guest miss his mom's cooking? Press play to find out! Anil says the main reason for choosing to do his Erasmus in Ljubljana was because the Faculty of civil engineering offers lectures by a number of professors he did not want to miss. Apart from studying, the Turkish student also made several friends during his stay in Slovenia. Since his name is not quite so simple to pronounce for his non-Turkish speaking Slovenian friends, they gave him a Slovene name – Alen. His music choice was The Greatest by Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar.



Charline says she didn’t experience any culture shock when coming to Slovenia, but notes her studies in Ljubljana do differ in a few ways from her home University of Maastricht (in the Netherlands) – concerning difficulty, style of lectures, ... to find out exactly in what way, listen to this week’s edition of Study Abroad! Her music choice was Sam Smith’s Too good at Goodbyes.



Would you consider Slovenia exotic? Karin choose Slovenia for her Erasmus exchange since it was located the furthest from Estonia, so she thought it might be the most exotic. She says her Slovenian friends often get a laugh out of the fact that at 318m above sea level, Suur Munamägi (or Big Egg Mountain) is the highest peak in Estonia. But, on the other hand, her home country also has 2,355 islands - a number Slovenia can’t hope to compete with. Her music choice was Shadowplay, a song from an Estonian indie rock band called The Boondocks.



Meet Berra! After finishing her electrical engineering studies in Turkey, she came to Ljubljana for a couple of months to do some practical work at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. She says Ljubljana has the same vibe as her home university town Eskisehir. This in part contributed to her not experiencing any form of culture shock in Slovenia. The things she misses most here are her family and Turkish food. Her music choice was a song titled Öp (kiss) by the Turkish singer-songwriter Tarkan.



Sara says her studies and lifestyle in Slovenia don't differ all that much from Spain, but notes accomodation in Ljubljana is cheaper. Despite also saying the Spanish and Slovenian language are completely different, Sara has picked up a few basic words, which is commendable! But then again she also speaks Basque, which is not only unrelated to the other languages of Europe, but also a language isolate to any other known living language. Her music choice was a song titled Oblit from a Spanish band called Urfabrique.



When Harmen visited Slovenia with his parents at the age of 15, the vacation did not exactly leave a very lasting impression. 8 years later he was looking for places to relocate to with his girlfriend and remembered Slovenia. Now he saw the country in a completely different light – it had a good geographical position, it was close of the mountains, sea and was also quite green. Has his oppinion of Slovenia and its inhabitants changed now that he has spent the first year of his Masters studies in Ljubljana? His music choice was NOVELISTS - 5:12 AM.



Our newest Study Abroad guest, Dražen has actually been living in Slovenia for quite some time. The initial decision to move to Koper was not his own - his parents, who now live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to Slovenia, where he first enrolled to a secondary school, and then decided to study here as well. Dražen says the most difficult thing to get used to in Slovenia was the language, noting that from a linguistic point, it's harder to learn a language that is somewhat similar to your mother tongue, than the one you try to learn "from scratch". When someone asks him about music from his Erasmus Dražen says he thinks of “Willst du” by Alligatoah. This was also his music choice.



Meet Cuauhtli! This week's Study Abroad guest came from Mexico to the University of Primorska to do research in the field of human computer interaction, game thinking and gamification. Cuauhtli is just at a beginning of his 3-year-long research journey, during which he hopes to learn as much as he can so that when he returns to Mexico, he will have much to teach and tell other students. His music choice was the evergreen Come And Get Your Love by Redbone.



Can you imagine only having 2 chances to pass your exams? Your Bachelor's studies taking 5 years? Or have the results of every exam you take go on record? Well, in Chile, it's something quite usual! Meet Juan Carlos. He studies telecommunication engineering in Valparaiso, which has 4 “main” Universities. What’s more, they aren’t just separated into public and private. It’s a bit more complicated than that. His music choice was Dic. 28 by Novella Inc.



How much do you spend on things that aren't really necessary? Have you ever wondered that perhaps, you don’t really need all that much? This week's Study Abroad guest comes from Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Rita decided to spend a semester studying management of touristic activities in Brežice. It was the quiet life in this southeastern Slovenian town, that made her think about how perhaps, she could live with a little less. He music choice was a Vanessa da Mata version of the song Estrada do Sol by Tom Jobim.

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