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Study abroad

198 epizod

Study abroad

198 epizod

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to pr@radiosi.eu and maybe you are our next guest.


STUDY ABROAD: Jasmin was born in Germany, went to high school in the UAE and is now studying in Ajdovščina (09.11.2020)

Jasmin is one of the very few students to say that life for young people in their country is "more boring" than in Koper. German by birth, she attended high school in the UAE, and then decided to study astrophysics in Ajdovščina. That said, she greatly respects the UAE and says people often mistakenly think that there are huge restrictions for women in the UAE. Her musical choice was the song my future by Billie Eilish.


STUDY ABROAD: Isidora is a Serbian student who decided to study in Koper ( 26.10.2020)

Isidora comes from Serbia. She is now studying in Koper for a second year. She says life there seems more calm and she feels that people are not in such a hurry compared to people in Serbia. What she did not expect was to see so many young people from the Balkan countries studying in Koper. Her musical choice was the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran.


STUDY ABROAD: Wallace is a student from…well, suffice to say he has lived in quite a few places, most of it in the UAE, but what can be said is he likes to take the road less traveled (19.10.2020)

Wallace has lived most of his life in the United Arab Emirates and is now studying in Koper. He originally intended to go study in the UK but changed his plans after talking to the Slovenian ambassador in Abu Dhabi, whom he met while working as a real estate agent after graduating high school. He chose to play the song Adore You by Harry Styles.


STUDY ABROAD: Suzuho is a Japanese student who decided to spend a year in Ljubljana (12.10.2020)

Suzuho says that she came to Slovenia two years ago but was so impressed by the country that she decided to come back and spend a whole year here. According to her, what sets apart studying here and studying in Japan is mainly the style of teaching. Here, there is more dialogue between professors and students, while in Japan, students mostly just listen to the professor. Her musical choice was the song Platina by the Slovenian band SIDDHARTA.


STUDY ABROAD: Molly comes from Belarus but is studying in the Czech Republic (28.09.2020)

Molly comes from Belarus and studies languages in tourism in the Czech Republic. She spent a semester in Maribor and says Slovenians remind her of Italians. That has to do with the relatively easygoing lifestyle we enjoy in Slovenia, at least compared to Belarus. Her musical choice was Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep.


STUDY ABROAD: Anna is a Polish student who lives in Ljubljana’s Krakovo district. That said, she doesn’t come from Krakow, but Gdansk (05.10.2020)

Anna says she was surprised by the quality of life in our country, as well as the fact that most Slovenes don’t think twice about drinking tap water. It was Ljubljana’s relatively small size that convinced Anna to spend her Erasmus there. As she is an avid mountain climber, the closeness of the Alps was an added bonus. And yes, she also scaled Mt. Triglav. She chose to play the song Młody maj by the polish GOLEC UORKIESTRA.


STUDY ABROAD: Buse is a student from Turkey who decided to spend a semester in Koper (21.09.2020)

People sometimes forget how large or small some countries really are. Buse says her parents’ home is in Mersin, while she studies in Ankara. The one-way-trip between the two Turkish cities takes her 8 hours by bus, so she says Slovenia’s size is a welcome temporary change. Her musical choice was the song Kiss Kiss by Turkish pop singer Tarkan.


STUDY ABROAD: Ludmila comes from Brazil but is studying in Portugal (14.09.2020)

According to her, the most widespread misconception is that in Brazil, the spoken language is Spanish. In reality, they speak portugues brasileiro, a set of dialects of the Portuguese language used mostly in Brazil. She came to Maribor to study, because it was the only exhange she was able to go on, but says she doesn't regret it, as she finds Maribor cute. Her song of choice was the song Side Effects by The Chainsmokers.


STUDY ABROAD: Ipek and Selim are Turkish students of computer sciences and journalism who came to spend a semester in Maribor (07.09.2020)

Ipek and Selim say that on one hand, they like Maribor because it is much quieter than Istanbul, which has a population of 17 million, but on the other hand they sometimes feel it is too peaceful. They decided to spend a semester in Slovenia based on recommendations of friends and because we have subsidized student meals. They chose to play the song AYA by Turkish rappers Ezhel and Murda.


STUDY ABROAD: Piotr is a computer science student from Poland (31.08.2020)

Polish cities that have the same number of inhabitants as Maribor would be considered small and boring cities that don’t really offer any events, parties, schools, sport activities, restaurants, shops…That’s according to this week’s guest Piotr, who says the same can’t be said for Maribor. His musical choice was the song Explosion by Kalwi & Remi.


STUDY ABROAD: Karolína says what surprised her the most in Slovenia was the relationship people here have with nature (22.06.2020)

Karolína says that when she was walking through Ljubljana, she realized she could imagine herself living in Slovenia. She feels everything is close here – the mountains, the sea and as a bonus point, we also have good wine. She chose to play Trees by Twenty One Pilots.


STUDY ABROAD: Aline comes from Brazil, is studying in Portugal and is now spending a semester in Maribor, 15.06.2020

Aline came to Maribor just before the coronavirus lockdown but says she wasn’t bored. In addition to studying, she went for daily runs in the park, where she practiced speaking Slovenian by talking to senior citizens. She says she wants to stay in Slovenia a bit longer and is now looking for an internship here. She chose to play the song Morena by Brazilian musicians Vitor Kley and Bruno Martini.


STUDY ABROAD: Karolina comes from Poland and says traffic jams in Ljubljana are nothing compared to Warsaw (08.06.2020)

She jokes that when she came back home to Warsaw during the holidays and hopped on a bus, she felt as if she would spend half her life in traffic jams. Her music of choice was was the 1976 song Papaya/Papaja by Urszula Dudziak.


STUDY ABROAD: Paweł is a Polish student who decided to spend the coronavirus lockdown in Slovenia (24.02.2020)

Paweł says that study-wise, not much has changed for him during the lockdown. In fact, he liked online lectures even more than the traditional ones, as he did not have to squint at the board, but was able to see everything clearly and follow lectures with greater ease on his own computer. He chose to play High Hopes by Kodaline.


STUDY ABROAD: Margarida comes from Portugal but decided to spend a semester in Kranj (25.05.2020)

This week’s guest is Margarida, who comes from Portugal. The first part of the interview was recorded in the time before the coronavirus. In the second, we called her for an update on how her life had changed during and after the pandemic. Her music choice was the song Anel de Rubi by Portuguese rock and blues singer and musician Rui Veloso.


STUDY ABROAD: Bibi Ovaska Presetnik, the Head of the International Office at the University of Ljubljana about studying in the time of the new coronavirus (18.05.2020)

How did Universities react to the pandemic and how many exchange and foreign students stayed in Slovenia despite lockdown measures, did those who wanted to return home have any problems and what are the plans for the next semester in terms of student mobility? These are the questions we asked Bibi Ovaska Presetnik, the Head of the International Office at the University of Ljubljana. Her music choice was Joe Cocker’s Summer in the City.


STUDY ABROAD: Afonso is a Portuguese student who chose to spend a semester in Maribor mainly because of Slovenia’s geographical position, 16.03.2020

Afonso says the best aspect of his exchange were the friendships he formed during it. He also believes that the exchange has changed him by broadening his horizons and has made him realize that he would be ok with not just studying, but also living and working abroad. His musical choice was the song Flashing Lights by Kanye West ft. Dwele.


STUDY ABROAD: Sonja comes from Finland and says when she listens to people in Maribor speaking Slovene, it sometimes sounds like Portuguese! (09.03.2020)

Do you know who or maybe rather what the Moomins are? This week’s guest says she was surprised that many people in Slovenia didn’t know about them. Her musical choice was a song titled Mustana, maidolla, kylmänä, kuumana by the band Scandinavian Music Group. If translated to English, the title of the song would be »Black, milk, cold, hot«. If you haven't guessed it yet, it talks about coffee. As a matter of fact, Finns drink the most coffee in the world – about 10kg annually per capita.


STUDY ABROAD: Sona is an Indian student who first came to Slovenia to study tourism in Brežice but was later moved to Ljubljana, 02.03.2020

Sona comes from southern India, and although he says that Slovenia is an extremely safe country, his first experience in Brežice left a bitter aftertaste. You can check out why that is in the interview above. Despite this, he says he really likes his life in Ljubljana right now, which is why his musical choice was the song Happy Now by Zedd & Elley Duhé.


STUDY ABROAD: Sára comes from Slovakia but is studying in the Netherlands

This week's guest says that when she tells people where she comes from, they ask her if she lives in Ljubljana. Do you know which country we're talking about? Listen above to find out! She chose to play the song You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine.

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