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Study abroad

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Study abroad

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We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to pr@radiosi.eu and maybe you are our next guest.


Nadiia is a woman international master in chess who is studying computer science in Maribor (05.09.2022)

Chess is one of the main reasons Nadiia says she has seen much of the world. The Ukrainian student says she chose to spend her exchange in Maribor because she fell in love with the city at first sight She chose to play the song Follow You by Imagine Dragons.


Emilija decided to study media communications in Maribor (27.06.2022)

20-year-old Emilija says she was surprised at how quiet Slovenians speak in public compared to Northern Macedonians. What does she think about Maribor now that she has spent almost a year here? She chose to play I Was Made For Lovin' You by Kiss.


Giulia is an Italian Double Degree PhD researcher who came to Koper thanks to her Marie-Skłodowska Curie postdoctoral fellowship project (13.06.2022)

Giulia’s project examines the relationship between certain historical forms of collective land and resource management and the current environmental and landscape valuation of these areas and raises the question of access rights to natural resources for future generations. She chose to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran.


Sidra says she has her husband and family to thank for supporting her during her studies (30.05.2021)

Sidra is a doctoral student from Pakistan who has spent the last 3 years in Koper. She says that it is necessary to practically give up social life during her doctorate, so she has not yet managed to explore Slovenia, but at the same time adds that she has enjoyed her time here and that the only "obstacle" she faced was not speaking Slovene. She chose to play the song Dil Diyan Gallan by Atif Aslam.


Stefan says he always knew he wanted to move abroad (16.05.2022)

The Italian Studies student, who comes from North Macedonia, says that when he arrived in Koper two years ago, he was a lost 19-year-old who did not know what he wanted from life. 2 years later, says he made major progress in growing up. His song of choice was This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald.


Slobodan says studying abroad has taught him he needs to put himself out more (02.05.2022)

The 20-year-old from Serbia says the pandemic has hindered his chances of experiencing more things and learning to communicate better. He says this is also obvious in class as students aren’t too eager to answer the professors’ questions. He chose to play the song navučena by the Serbian musician tam.


Marco says the thing he was most scared of was how to find accommodation (04.04.2022)

Luckily, he did not have any issues with finding a place to stay once he arrived to Slovenia. Marco chose Slovenia because he was looking for a location where temperatures are lower than in his home town in the south of Italy. He chose to play the song Marilu by Italian singer, rapper and songwriter Achille Lauro.


Stanislav came to Slovenia right before the Ukraine-Russia war (21.03.2022)

Stanislav says that despite the anger that has been sparked by the war, we shouldn't forget what people all around the world are doing to help the Ukrainian people. He chose to play the song Krayina Ditey by Okean Elzy (feat. Alyona Alyona).


Jeff says one lesson he will take from his exchange is to slow down 07.03.2022

The master’s student of Media Strategic Communication And Marketing says his original plan was to do another M.A. after he wraps up his exchange, but says that now that he’s met and talked to different people during his exchange, he’s changed his opinion on this topic. He chose to play Snoop Dogg- Go On feat. October London.


Amogne comes from Ethiopia, the country where a year lasts 13 months (28.02.2022)

For Amogne, Ljubljana is the third stop on his three-part exchange program in Materials for energy storage and conversion program. In the interview, he highlighted 4 facts about his home country. One of them is that the Ethiopian calendar is seven years and eight months behind the gregorian calendar and that they celebrate new year in September. For more, you'll have to listen to the interview! He chose to play the song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira.


Kerstin says Bavaria and Slovenia are similar in some respects (21.02.2022)

Did you know that you can surf in the middle of Munich? The Eisbach is a small, 2-kilometre-long, man-made river in the german city. At one spot, the river forms a standing wave about one metre high which is a popular river surfing spot. But that's not what Slovenia and Bavaria have in common. To find out, listen to the interview. Kerstin chose to play Was uns high macht by the German indie-pop band Provinz.


Luka says it was the love of philosophy and psychoanalysis that brought him to Ljubljana (14.02.2022)

Did you know that in many countries you can still smoke indoors? Luka says that also holds true for Croatia. You can listen to more about his experience of studying in Ljubljana above. His song of choice was Further up the road by Bruce Springsteen.


Igor says he didn’t expect Slovenia to be quite so different from the other former Yugoslavian countries (07.02.2022)

Igor is a student of Slavic languages, who comes from Germany and is studying in Austria. He decided to spend a semester in Ljubljana after he went on a year-long exchange in Serbia. He was most surprised by our nature and that to him, Slovenia seems very different from the rest of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Igor chose to play Radio Ga Ga by Queen.


Kamil didn’t expect his studies in Slovenia to be more difficult than in Poland (31.01.2022)

Kamil is studying at the Faculty of Security Sciences, which is part of the University of Maribor, but the lectures take place in Ljubljana. Due to a combination of circumstances, he lived at a hotel during his exchange. How did he and his colleague from Poland manage to get by without having a refrigerator, kitchen or washing machine? His song of choice was Szklanki by Young Leosia.


Lea says one of the things she appreciates in Slovenia is how safe she feels (24.01.2022)

Lea comes from Dortmund, Germany, which has about twice the inhabitants Ljubljana does. She chose to spend a semester here because she wanted to experience something new. Now that she’s spent a couple of months here, she says she feels people in Slovenia are more respectful and that she feels safer walking around alone at night in Ljubljana than in Germany. She chose to play She’s Casual by The Hunna.


STUDY ABROAD: Laura is an archeology student from Lithuania who decided to exchange in Ljubljana for two reasons (17.01.2022)

The first reason was that until she came here she thought that the university in Ljubljana offers her classes in English, which was not the case, and the second reason was that she wanted to get to know Slovenia. Nevertheless, she likes studying here, and she finds Ljubljana to be similar to Vilnius in some respects. Her song of choice was Viskas Ką Turiu (Everything I Have) by Jessica Shy.


STUDY ABROAD: Jakub speaks almost fluent Slovene after spending only three months in Ljubljana (10.01.2022)

It is, however true that he already spoke two other Slavic languages before coming to Slovenia. Jakub comes from Poland and had also learned Serbian during his exchange in Serbia. He chose to play Šuštarski most by Majda Sepe.


STUDY ABROAD: Yu-Hsiang chose Slovenia because the prices here are lower than in Western Europe (27.12.2021)

Yu-Hsiang is a Taiwanese student who says he chose to spend a semester in Ljubljana because the prices in Slovenia are lower than in Western Europe and because he liked the photos of Slovenia he found online. He chise to play the song Heartbeat of Taiwan, a theme song of the Taiwan Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It's performed by famous Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai.


STUDY ABROAD: Zeren says she will most likely not return to Slovenia, but not because she would not want to (20.11.2021)

Zeren says one of the hardest things for Turkish nationals is obtaining a visa, especially for going to Europe. The Turkish exchange student says it took her 5 months to obtain the documents she needed for her studies in Ljubljana. She chose to play Follow You by Imagine Dragons.


STUDY ABROAD: Martin says if at first you don’t succeed, try again later! (13.12.2021)

On his first attempt to apply for an exchange in Maribor, Martin failed to get enough points on the English exam of his home faculty in Montpellier. In his second attempt, he applied for an exchange in Ljubljana, but didn’t need to take a test, as he received a recommendation letter from one of his professors, saying that his command of English was satisfactory. He has now spent a few months in Ljubljana and has learned a couple of Slovene words along the way. His song of choice is titled Y'a pas de metro a Perpignan and is sung by the French actress and singer Charlotte Julian.

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