The Transmitters and Links organization unit has expanded its basic mission – providing the signal of national radio and television programs across the territory of the republic of Slovenia and beyond its borders. This way an almost 100% signal coverage is provided. The signals even reach far beyond these borders since satellite technology is not limited by political borders.

The national television and radio programs can be watched across Europe, in North Africa and in the Middle East.

To receive the program only a parabolic antenna and a satellite receiver are required – receiving equipment.

Additional information can be obtained by dialling: +386 (0) 1 475 2781 or sending an e-mail to

Receiving equipment

The satellite receiving system consists of:

  • parabolic antenna (or satellite dish) with low-noise receiving block (LNB),
  • satellite receiver (Integrated Receiver Decoder – IRD or Set Top Box – STB) and
  • standard television set

The antenna has to be installed outside the building with unhindered access to the south. The low-noise receiving block is connected to the satellite receiver via a shielded cable which is then connected to the television set.

When selecting the parabolic antenna it is recommended to choose a larger diameter (at least 80 cm) in order to insure reception also under less favourable weather conditions. The receiving block has to be suitable for digital reception (enhanced stability of the local oscillator).

The satellite receiver must be a digital type carrying the DVB logo. There are several types of receivers on the market:

  • Receiver with an integrated Viaccess decoder. By using the RTV Slovenija satellite card such a receiver enables reception of the complete radio and television program content. It allows watching both non-encrypted and encrypted content via satellite.
  • Receiver with common interface (CI) without integrated Viaccess decoder. The basic version of the receiver enables reception of the complete non-encrypted content. To access encrypted or locked content it is necessary to insert a Viaccess decoding module and a RTV Slovenija satellite card into the common interface receiver. Only in such a way it is possible to obtain access to the complete content of RTV Slovenija programs via satellite.
  • Receiver for receiving non-encrypted programs (Free To Air – FTA). The simplest and therefore cheapest type of receiver enables viewing only non-encrypted content. Encrypted or locked programs can not be displayed and the receiver can not be upgraded. Therefore, the purchase of such a receiver is not recommended.

For flawless operation it is recommended to select a receiver approved by Viaccess, the provider of the encryption system.

RTV Slovenija has no direct influence on the correct operation of various satellite receivers so should problems occur, please contact the manufacturer, importer or installation company.

Programs via satellite

To view the programs of RTV Slovenija it is necessary to adjust the system to the orbital position 16°E (east), vertical polarisation, frequency 11637 MHz, symbol speed 30.000 and code ratio 2/3.

Should the satellite receiver fail to find the programs when performing an automatic frequency scan, please refer to the service table and the corresponding image (video) and sound (audio) packages.

ProgramService IDVideo IDAudio IDTeletext TTXT+VBI ID
SLO1 HD3431411412415
SLO2 HD3432421422415
SLO3 HD3433431432415
RASLO Prvi3434
RASLO Val 2023435
RASLO Ars3436
RASLO Radio Si3437

Locking Programs

By purchasing programs RTV Slovenija acquires the right to their broadcasting within its program. The price for purchase is defined according to the popularity of the content and the anticipated number of viewers. The most interesting programs are of course sports broadcasts which are therefore the most expensive. RTV Slovenija makes every effort to keep costs down; therefore it purchases such rights to distribution in its programs only for the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and members of the Slovenian minority in the neighbouring countries, as well as Slovenian expatriates and nationals living abroad.

In order to protect copyrighted content it is necessary to disable all other viewers to access such content. When distributing signals through a terrestrial transmitter and retransmitters network the distribution of the signal is geographically limited due to the natural attenuation of the signal outside the Republic of Slovenia.

In satellite broadcasting such a limitation does not exist. The satellite signal of RTV Slovenija can be received across Europe, in North Africa and the Middle East (see coverage map); therefore the number of viewers needs to be limited by using encryption or locking systems.
For this purpose RTV Slovenija uses the Viaccess system. To follow the encrypted or locked content of programs by RTV Slovenija a satellite receiver is required with the option of Viaccess decoding. A RTV Slovenija satellite card needs to be inserted into the receiver.

RTV Slovenija is required to lock only specific television content. Encrypted programs are designated in its schedules with a special symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is required for reception?

All you need is a parabolic antenna, a satellite receiver and a standard television set. Please read more on the part of the website about receiving equipment.

Where can I get a satellite card?

The complete information on how to obtain a card is available on the website of the RTV Slovenija licence fee collection service. You may also call: +386 (0) 1 475 46 46; fax: +386 (0)1 475 30 15.

How much does a satellite card cost?

To obtain the card it is necessary to pay a one-time flat rate of 20,00 €.

How do I use the satellite card?

After having set the receiving parameters of the receiver and selected one of the television programs, insert the satellite card into the card reader slot (this can be either an integrated reader or a Viaccess reader on the CA module). When inserting the card the chip is usually on top and the arrow is pointing to the slot (refer to the instructions in the user manual for details). In the case of an encrypted program, after a few seconds both sound and image should appear on screen. If after more than 30 seconds the program is not displayed, check the operation of the receiver and the card using the menus of the satellite receiver. If you can read the number of the card on screen then this is a sign that the card is operating correctly. Should this not be the case, please turn to technical support of the Transmitters and Links Department for assistance.
Telephone: (01) 475 27 81

Where can I buy a receiver?

Suitable satellite receivers can be found in numerous Slovenian shops with audio/video equipment. You can also contact the nearest satellite installation service provider.

Where can I get additional information on satellite broadcasting?

More information on satellite broadcasting is available on websites and forums, such as for example or