SHOW 321 .. 2nd June 2007

- The Sečovlje saltpans
- The Ličen painters
- The Minorite church in Ptuj
- Precious Idrija lace
- The Apis glider 

Sečovlje saltpans
The Sečovlje saltpans lie in the northernmost corner of the Mediterranean. Written records testify to their origins dating back at least 700 years. They are a genuine treasure-trove of cultural and natural heritage. One part of the saltpans is now abandoned and has become home to many species of flora and fauna, but a small portion is still used for the traditional production of salt. Always fascinating to artists, the saltpans have lately also become a magnet for tourists.
The Ličens, graphic artists and illustrators
Polona and David Ličen are fascinating young artists. They make graphic prints and illustrations for children, and also create unique miniature books. They decided to encourage youngsters' interest in art in a somewhat different manner, and, a few years ago, opened the “Lična hiša” gallery.
The reconstructed Minorite church in Ptuj
Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia, which was awarded town status in the year 977, is almost like a museum. Up until the Second World War the Minorite square was adorned by the Church of St Peter and St Paul, one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Slovenia. During the war the church was destroyed, but half a century later it stands again on its old site just the way it used to be in the past, with only its fašade still waiting to be decorated with baroque statues and other ornaments.
The Idrija lace
The more we are overwhelmed by technological breakthroughs, the more we like to look back into the past. Lace is a symbol of something old and beautiful. The longest lace-making tradition in Slovenia has its home in the mining town of Idrija, where lace has been made for over 300 years, although the Idrija lace-makers have modernized their lace-making with new developments and designs. At the end of June the town is energized by its traditional lace-making festival. 
The glider plane
The Apis glider is a product of Slovenian design know-how and one of the leading sailplanes of its kind in the world. This one-seated, self-launch ultra-light set several world records a few years ago that have not since been broken.


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