SHOW 351 .. 18th October 2008

- Live model of Cerknica Lake  
- The Pišece castle 
- Painter Jože Slak 
- Bicyclist Jure Robič
- World Potato festival   

Live model of Cerknica Lake  
The intermittent Cerknica Lake belongs to one of the largest natural wonders of the world. With its constant disappearing and appearing, it has long sparked the human imagination. In the museum Jezerski hram in the village of Dolenje jezero, one can see a very detailed model of the lake that meticulously depicts the phenomenon of the lake filling and draining. 
The Pišece castle 
Pišece is a cloddy settlement in the middle of the viniferous region in the east of the country. There, a mighty castle from the 13th century lies hidden. Like many other castles in Slovenia, the Pišece Castle was also inevitably falling in ruins after the Second World War. A decade ago it was declared a cultural monument of national importance and they began restoring it to former glory.
Painter Jože Slak 
The painter Jože Slak is an unique character in Slovenian painter society. He was original already during his studies at the academy. After completing his studies, he searched for new challenges in USA in Japan and on Tahiti. Now he resides among the hills of the Dolenjska region, where he paints, makes music, does carpentry and trains aikido.
Bicyclist Jure Robič
In Slovenia we have many extreme athletes, among which the ultra-marathon bicyclist Jure Robič most certainly stands out. He is considered  the most endurable bicyclist in the world. This year he won the Race Across America (RAAM), the toughest endurance bicycle event in the world, for the fourth time. No one before him managed such a feat.
World Potato festival   
United Nations has declared this year the year of the potato in efforts to fight the world famine. In Slovenia, the potato became a strong part of nutrition in the times of the Empress Maria Theresa. In the last decade we even got a Society for Acknowledging Fried Potato as an Autonomous Dish. The symbol of this society is the Colorado potato beetle, as he, like the members of the society, cannot live without potatoes. The society each year organises the world festival of fried potatoes.  



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