SHOW 363 .. 2nd May 2009

- The old palaces of Koper 
- The tunnels of Kranj 
- The brown bears of Slovenia  
- Skansen in Pleterje  
- Multi-musician Bostjan Gombac 

The palaces of Koper
Koper is an old and also the largest town in Slovenia’s coastal area. The old city centre is an exceptional architectural and cultural monument, although in need of renovation. On every corner the fašades of old palaces are reminiscent of the once majestic past, drawing attention in particular to the legacy of the 500 years of Venetian rule, which has left the greatest imprint on the town.
The tunnels of Kranj
Kranj, the central town of the Gorenjska region in the north-west of Slovenia, and the fourth largest town in the country, is also rich in history, hiding many points of interest. Lately, one of the greatest tourist attractions have become the underground tunnels under the old town centre, testifying to the technical culture of Kranj during the Second World War, which are now renovated to attract tourists.
The brown bears of Slovenia  
The brown bear is one of the three large wild animals living in Slovenia. Once it was settled throughout Europe, while today it is extinct in most European countries and thus considered an endangered species. In Slovenia, we are proud to have managed to preserve this animal, and even export it, although humans sometimes also feel threatened by its presence. In recent years research has been carried out whose aim is the long-term preservation of the brown bear and its habitat, and ensuring its peaceful co-existence with human beings.
Skansen in Pleterje
The first outdoor museum, also referred to as skansen, was first established in Sweden in the mid 19th century. This idea quickly spread throughout Europe and several small-scale outdoor museums can now also be found in Slovenia. One such museum is in Pleterje in the Dolenjska region. This is a museum of local architectural heritage and the ways of life in the 19th century.
Musician Boštjan Gombač
Folk tradition is also held in the heart of an excellent all-round musician, Boštjan Gombač. Although the clarinet remains his first love, he plays a number of other instruments in several music bands. He loves to mix different music genres, and also loves intertwining different cultures.

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