SHOW 364 .. 16th May 2009

- Snežnik Castle    
- Aviator and photographer M. Lenarčič
- The churches around Ig
- Painter Nikolaj Mašukov  
- Wooden jewellery by Srečko Mol  

Snežnik Castle
The extensive forests of the Notranjska region hide the attractive Snežnik Castle named so after the mountain situated in its immediate vicinity. A lot of interior furnishing has been preserved in the castle, which is rarely the case in Slovenia. A short while ago the castle was completely renovated and now shines in all its splendour.
Aviator Matevž Lenarčič
Matevž Lenarčič is a pilot and photographer. Flying means the world to him and gives him great pleasure whereas his other hobby, photography, enables him to look at the world from a different perspective. He has published six photography books so far and reached a new milestone in aviation. Namely, a few years ago, he was the first pilot to fly solo around the world in an ultra light plane made by Slovenian company, Pipistrel. He also set a new speed record.
The churches around Ig
Situated on the southern edge of the Slovenian capital is Ljubljansko barje, a marshland area covering some 150 km2. Due to its exceptional biotic diversity it has been proclaimed a landscape park. It is not only distinguished for its natural heritage, but can also boast of a rich cultural and historical heritage. A part of it is presented in the next few minutes.
Painter Nikolaj Mašukov
Painter Nikolaj Mašukov came to Slovenia 15 years ago from his native Siberia. He learned the Slovenian language and settled down in the town of Ljubno in the Gorenjska region. This is where he has been slowly fulfilling his life’s mission – an extensive cycle of paintings composed of many parts which he had conceived in his mind more than two decades ago.
Wooden jewellery by Srečko Molk
Srečko Molk is becoming increasingly recognisable for his unique handmade wooden jewellery. He started creating it a few years ago, after having previously tried his hand at creating simple wooden objects, furniture and mirror frames.

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