SHOW 366 .. 13th June 2009

- Piran sea bass
- Water purification system
- The Tunjice healing park
- The sounds of the palaeolithic
- The Pirc dye-works in Kranj
- Glass designer Maja Zaplotnik

Piran sea bass
The Fonda family has always been in love with the sea, as three of its members are marine biologists, so it is no surprise that they have ventured into breeding the best farmed fish in the world. For the past six years they have been breeding excellent sea bass at their fish farm in the Bay of Piran in the northernmost Adriatic Sea. Their cultivated fish, as claimed by experts, are equal to the wild sea bass caught from the sea.  
Was water purification system
Water is becoming the most significant strategic element on the Earth. Although covering a considerable part of the planet, only a small portion of water is suitable for drinking. The AL Company from the Karst area in Slovenia has managed to develop special water purification filters, which can purify even seriously dirty water and turn it into drinking water.
The Tunjice healing park
Unusually strong sources of earth energies with special medicinal properties, which apparently have positive effects on human well-being and health, were discovered quite accidentally in Tunjice near Kamnik in northern Slovenia. Ten years ago a natural healing park was created there and ever since people of all generations – from Slovenia and abroad – have been visiting these “energy springs”.
The sounds of the palaeolithic
The history of art is extremely diverse, dating to the ancient times of pre-history. The oldest artistic object found is a Neanderthal whistle from the western hills of Slovenia.
The heritage of dye-works
Between the two world wars Kranj was the second largest textile centre in Slovenia. From the beginning of the 18th century and up to the mid-20th century the famous Pirc Dye-Works was in operation there. The museum collection now on display in the 
Glass designer Maja Zaplotnik
At the end of the show we invite you to the wonderful world of glass making and the unique glass masterpieces created by the skilful hands of designer Maja Zaplotnik.



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